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Bani For Skin Problems

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Haha, you're both wrong ... It's actually SudoCREM' and for total respect it's 'Sri Sudocrem Sahib Jee' :D

Anyway, to the original poster, there's a few Shabad's in Sri DukhBhanjani Sahib Jee Baanee that relates to curing disease, both mental and physical ... So check it out.

Also, obviously this goes without saying but look at other areas in your life like diet and lifestyle which may be the underlying cause of the skin problems ... I personally find Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter works a treat for everything.

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It's not in Dukh Bhanjani Sahib.......there is a specific story related to this in our history of someone who I think were on eof the Bhat (could be the wrong person) who had a skin problem or who didn't obey what Guru told him and they got a bad skin problem - from this Guru jee either recited that bani for the first time or it was recited by that gursikh and the bani was then entered in to GGS.....I just can'r remember the bani name

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