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Punjabi Language Books

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Gurbar Akaal Khalsa Jio

For all you knowledgable and experienced Punjabi speakers out there that i am yet to meet......

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good books for learning Punjabi, aimed at people over the age of 5? There seems to be an extreme paucity if not non-existence of books in Punjab itself for English books teaching Punjabi, i only came across one really skinny book called "Learn Punjabi in 25 days". Loads of people talk about "Mahan Kosh" as being the best "dictionary", but as far as i'm concerned its an encyclopedia, and not all that conducive to learning the language when your grasp of the language isnt that strong.

So does anyone know of any other books suitable for an adult learner?

Thanks Khalsa Ji

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Brother/Sister I posted this thread for people like yourself.

I hope it may be of some help to you:


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Veerji i was wondering how long it would be until you posted!

Brilliant post, i should have known you would have already written something, i just hadn't come across it yet whilst browsing.

An excellent starting point, and seems definitely to be a better way to learn than the traditional way, especially when people (i.e. non-native speakers) haven't had previous exposure to the sounds of the language.

I'll definitely be directing newbies to it, as well as teachers of Punjabi as a second language.

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Regarding the next step after learning to put the letters together and read a little bit.....

I came across this review in research for good learning material


Towards the end it all starts to get a bit prolix.... but it has whetted my appetite to have a look at the book, and ill probably purchase it.

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That book looks interesting.

Let us know how your language acquisition progresses!

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