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~ Types Of Gyan Of !~Atma-Paratma~! ~


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source: Gyan Katha by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale (Mann Buddh Atam)

Two Main types of Gyan of Atma-Paratma:

Parkosh Gyan: Parkosh gyan is gyan of atma-paratma which one study and acquire knowledge of atma by reading books or listening to mahapursh katha.

Aparkosh Gyan: Aparkosh Gyan is gyan of atma-paratma where one' birthi merges in atma-paratma after applyin the knowledge of atma in thier daily life.

To further explain, mahapursh have broken down parkosh gyan into two sub categories with examples - Surat gyan and anuman gyan and broken down aparkosh gyan in to one sub category- Anubhav gyan with example.

Below classification of knowledge is given with example shows how human perceives knowledge of same thing in stages after abhyaas/self reflection of atma:

Surat gyan: Example of surat gyan would be- if one is told that there is population up in the valley and one belives that indeed there is an human population there..

Anuman Gyan: Example of anuman gyan would be- when one sees smoke coming out building in the same valley which further reconfirms that there is an human population there.

Anubhav gyan: Example of anubhav gyan would- when one actually goes in valley and sees with their eyes that human population is there.

To explain further, gyan its further broken, so human birthi can perceive it more clearly

Four types of gyan:

Sarvan Gyan: Sarvan gyan is like fire in the wood, it only lits as long as sufficent wood is there after that fire is gone.

Similarly, sarvan gyan of atma its one listen to katha of atma by mahapursh gets an slight understanding of gyan of atma and gets slight ras(anand) when one is done listening to katha of gyan of atma and goes about its normal business, one forgets sarvan gyan.

Manan Gyan: Manan Gyan is like fire in bijli(thunder) it appears and disappears inside the clouds. But fire (Bijli) its always there in the clouds.

Similarly, mann gyan of atma would be when one's mind remembers to contemplates on gyan of atma on and off, but that self reflection of atma is always there at the back of the head.

Nidhasan gyan: Nidhasan gyan is like jetra agan(fire) in the stomach, where solid and liquid food gets digested or filtered by fire.

Similarly, nidhasan gyan of atma would be one's birthi always stays in atma after all the thoughts, desires gets digested or filtered/blean by gyan di agan(fire). Nidhasan would be one's birthi puts full faith and stays in atma as such that one's perception(dristhi) becomes advait.

Sakhshat gyan: Sakhshat gyan is like maha parloa energy(fire) where destroys whole universe and only thing which is left - maha parloa agan(fire).

Similiarly, sakhshat gyan would be birthi(buddhi/intellect) destroying its perception of three layers of body (asthohol, suksham and karan), four avastha(jagrath, supoan, sukhopat, turiya) and this jev and all the doubts, birthi merges with gyan saroop atma.

Na mein na tu- Na ja or na bhai

~ Ik advait nirvakar Chidkan Avastha ~~

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On 3/14/2018 at 3:03 AM, harsharan000 said:


Among the many paths, the Bhakti Marg, is the wisdom by which one realizes Him

Below is an example, out of his numerous lovers


Beautiful thoughts - and a very accomplished sadhu...The mool mantar given to Guru Nanak Sahib by the Akal Purakh states clearly that you can only reach him through GurParsad...we need to love the Guru first..through his bani and their history when in human form....once our devotion to Guru Sahib is complete..he will take us to Vahiguru...at the end of this video, it states that one must develop ecstatic love for God - to my limited understanding, one must develop this love for Guru Nanak sahib in various jamas and let Guru Nanak sahib take us forward from there....my limited basic understanding of Gurmat..correct me and forgive me if I have erred in understanding our Gurus path..



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