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English Speaking Nirmalay/udasian In The West

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Does anyone on these forums know whether there are many or any English speaking Nirmalay or Udasian Mahants, Babay or Deray, particularly in western countries/the west.

I have heard of Tirath Singh Nirmala and Daljeet Singh Nirmala in the UK... but i am not aware of the present location of the former, nor the credentials of the latter.

Does anyone else know of other puratan sanatan Babas/Deras?


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If you go to Amritsar there are TWO Udasin Akharas right on the door steps of Harmandir Sahib. Very few people are aware of these places.

Dalejeet and Tirath Singh both work together from what I gather, or at least are in contact with each other. If you have the details of one you may be able to contact the other.

Or just pm me.

I've never known of Udasi deras/gurdwaras in the west. (Though someone here did once mention of an ancient dera in St Petersburg in Russia, it used to exist in the past!!!)

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For Udasis, there is a dera in Birmingham called Shree Chandra Darbar. One Mahant Kasar Dass is in charge of it.

For Nirmalay, Tirth Singh Nirmala seems to be the only person here in the West. Daljeet Singh is a sikh Shishya of Swami Paramananda ji, who is a Dashnami Vedantin rather than a Nirmala, though the differences arent huge. Daljeet Singh ji's brother, however, is a Nirmala, though he resides in Tarn Taran and doesnt speak english.

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