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Hi all

Hope everyone is well.

A very close friend of mine has been unwell for the past few months. cut a long story short, his mother had been to see the local pandit who advised her that some one has done 'Jaadu Toona' on her son.

The boys father brushed this off and turned a blind eye to it. as time has gone on, my mates health has deterioarated and things in his personal life have also started going wrong. Docs/hospitals have brushed this off and cant find anything wrong and his tests come back as clear.

My mates dad got concerned and went to see some sant about this, who also stated that someone has done something to their son. Why my mates father didnt ask for a remedy there, god knows. My mate used to visit the gurudwara evfery weekend, but hasnt been for a good few months as he said he 'doesnt feel upto it'

Please can some one offer any guidence on what bani's can be recited to stop/reverse what is happening.

Thanks for your time guys. God Bless,


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Sorry to hear your friend's situation. Please have him do mool mantar patt up to nanak hosi bhi sach with full faith try to do it all the time..put it at back of your head..do self reflection of it all the time...nothing stays close to mool mantar da patt.

Gyani thakur singh ji mentioned in this sakhi-

Once tantrik try to show his ridhiya sidhya with metal wire to this singh and try to hypnotize him etc..he start reciting mool mantar da patt..that same metal wire became an noose of death on tantrik's neck.

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dear members

sometimes the cause of it is from our past lives.. this we called it law of causes and effects or karmas... divine laws are called karmas,, but since god is powerfull,, the lord can also overrides karmas by his GRACE... grace is love... return love of god is his grace, and how to earn this is by loving god.. love to god can be shown directly or indirectly.. indirectly is pouring of love to our serroundings example our love to other human beings, animals and etc.. this love which you poured out will be reflected towards the lord.. directly is by practising daily the lord s qualities, and loving him.. so do daily prayers and meditation

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one suggestion would be to take time out and do full ishnaan and either listen to or recite Sukhmani Sahib paath and Japji Sahib....forget everything else and recite gurbani..all will fall into place...you just ahve to remember that during hard times is when the "true" Khalsa is tested just as in the times of Sri Dashmesh Pita Ji Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji........during hardship is when akal purkh tests our devotion and faith...

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