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Amrit Sanchar But With Japji Sahib Only?

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Hi All,

I recently attended a ceremony for a friends baby where a Giani recited Japji Sahib while stirring patissa in water with a khanda. Once he finished the Japji Sahib he gave the Amrit to the baby and then to everyone else.

What is this ceremony? what significance does it have as there was no rehat maryada, no 5 pyaare, no Maharaj?

The only Amrit ceremony I know of is the ceremony laid out by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

what's going on?

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Dont be too shocked!!

This is a form of baptism I've heard of in the past for new born babies. A sort of birth ceremony. it is sometimes done by dripping the amrit into the babies mouth with thetip of the kirpan.

I dont think many babies have this done (I cant remember it happening to me; though it was quite a long time ago).

BTW there more than one type of amrit ceremony than you are aware of.

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If I'm not wrong, what you mentioned is not Baptism. It is "Gurte" (the first thing baby is given after the birth).......traditionally (based upon the culture), it involves mostly sweet drinks (obviously in drops). Some parents/grandparents reciete Gurbani (based upon their religion) while preparing that drink and give it to baby. In your case, it seems like the parents want a Granthi to perform this rasam and Granthi Ji chose to prepare Gurte with Patashe and Khanda.

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My nephew had something similar when he was a baby.

I see no harm in it. It's not not trying to supplant khande ka pahul.

In this day and age, anything that gets us praying or closer to a Gurdwara can't be a bad thing.

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interesting, next question would be.. where did these 'more than one type' come from?

From a philosophical POV one can say that tey came from our elders, the sayane pursh. Amrit has been here in different forms from the dawn of mankind. The Khanda Pahul is just one of many.

As Dalsingh mentioned its not there to replace but to supplant.

I believe there maybe a few variations of this, ie some use a kirpan others dont - though I've never heard of a khanda being used, that is only for Khanda Pahul. SOme will recite Japji, other Sukhmani or Anand Sahib; yet others may even recite Durga Path. It all depends on ones individual taste.

At the end of the day it is a ritual that a group of like-minded people developed to unify themselves as peers and specifically in this case to enjoin the newer generation to ones beliefset.

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