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What To Say To Panj Pyare

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R yous a desi-boi Scouserz??

There are a couple of threads on sikhsangat.com about kids who play with themselves. It must be near the top of the 'gupt section', as it seems many boys and girls go out to play then feel bad about it and tell the whole world via the forums. ;)

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mega lol @ zulu!!!!!

On the serious. I think the Panjabi phrase for it is 'mut maar', but you might want to whisper it into their ears.

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Ok seriously speaking just say- mann bhog vich rehnda hai te usno thori daer lai tript karan laie mera kalyugi mann gandi tisvra ja filma dekhda hai..pher tript ho kaie, thora dina badd pher mann vich duniya da bhoga vich magan ho janda hai..!!..when you say tript they will understand you mastrubated..!!

It's good to go to see panj pyares on this...its all about building your relationship with panj pyares as guide..you have to remember having all 5 pyares in meeting with students after amrit is symbolic..in fact any of panj pyares can help you with advise like just how panj pyare mukhi - bhai dya singh helped and advise sangata on atam gyan, karam katha which you will find in soraj parkash granth.

All original panj pyares were mahapursh bhramgyani, bar is already set..but unfortunately times have changed, you be extremely lucky to find one bhramgyani in 5 panj pyare seva let alone all panj..if you know an mahapursh who have done panj pyare di seva or his jatha/samaprda has done panj di seva..you could also go to him for advise as panj pyares are ONE belongs to khalsa panth, one could cross platform i don't think there is an restriction as such....also i said earlier any of panj pyares can help you with advise also main thing if one follow through it, going to panj pyares for sake of going or maryada and not following the advise just shows empty ritual/karam kaand which is condemned in sikhi.

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