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Seborrhoeic Dermatitis


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Try Tea Tree essential oil mixed with Almond Oil (or any other base oil that you prefer) .

Ratio of 1:20. several times a week. You may also want to add some lavender oil to it as well.

But before you diagnose it as dandruff, simply try washing your hair every other day with shampoo for a couple of weeks. If it clears, then it wasn't dandruff, rather your hair needed a 'deep clean'. If it still persists then try the above.

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I've been diagnosed with seborrhoeic dermatitis by 5 different dermatoligists. I've tried more than 10 different shampoo's, cream's etc. and nothing's really worked for me. I'm using Nizoral shampoo now and it's helping a bit but my scalp is still itchy.

I was told that you shouldn't use oil, because it's like "feeding" the fungus. I've used different oils (coconut, almond, jojoba) and it makes my scalp more itchy.

Any help, Dr. Suryadev? ;)

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Sometimes if you have dandruff it is a sign of Yeast infection, you may also be having other (feminine) symptoms.

The ideal way to sort this out is a dietary change. Remove, simple carbs/sugar from the diet, limit starchy carbs, saturated fat. In other words load up on fresh fruit and veg - not the dried or frozen variety either.

Speak to a qualified naturopath for more details.

Also what Matheen said. Natural yogurt will balance out the acid/alkaline ph thingy. Natural yogurt is also used to treat thrush/candida which I understand to be similar to dandruff.

Take a high quality pre/probiotic. not the sugary rubbish you get from your supermarket, rather the high grade stuff. I'd recommend http://www.protexin....120-capsules/16.

Hope that helps, but do speak to a Naturopath for the best advice. If/when you are in birmingham/midlands i know of a naturopath based in Halesowen. Otherwise, just check out your local guys, as it may require a few appointments over a period of time.

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Matheen, tea-tree oil ad dahi didn't work for me :(

The dermatologists told me my scalp produce a lot of Malassezia. I don't have other symptoms like oily skin, pimples etc. In fact I have a very clean skin (some people think it's too clean lol) and even the doctor's said it's strange because normally people who have this condition have a very oily skin with pimples.

I've even tried to change my diet but it didn't help either :(

I'll speak to a naturopath when I move to the UK.. Can you recommend any? I'll check the biotic link out when I get home from work.

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