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Can Someone Please Shed Some Light On The Following Pangtis In Gurbani


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Dear Learned GurSikhs,

I have been reading through Kabeer's bani in Sri Guru Granth Sabhib Ji and am puzzled by some particular lines. They are on Ang 481. Can some learned gursikh please explain the underlying message?

Many thanks,


pihlw pUqu ipCYrI mweI ]

pehilaa pooth pishhairee maaee ||

First, the son was born, and then, his mother.

guru lwgo cyly kI pweI ]1]

gur laago chaelae kee paaee ||1||

The guru falls at the feet of the disciple. ||1||

eyku AcMBau sunhu qum@ BweI ]

eaek acha(n)bho sunahu thumh bhaaee ||

Listen to this wonderful thing, O Siblings of Destiny!

dyKq isMGu crwvq gweI ]1] rhwau ]

dhaekhath si(n)gh charaavath gaaee ||1|| rehaao ||

I saw the lion herding the cows. ||1||Pause||

jl kI mCulI qrvir ibAweI ]

jal kee mashhulee tharavar biaaee ||

The fish of the water gives birth upon a tree.

dyKq kuqrw lY geI iblweI ]2]

dhaekhath kutharaa lai gee bilaaee ||2||

I saw a cat carrying away a dog. ||2||

qlY ry bYsw aUpir sUlw ]

thalai rae baisaa oopar soolaa ||

The branches are below, and the roots are above.

iqs kY pyif lgy Pl PUlw ]3]

this kai paedd lagae fal foolaa ||3||

The trunk of that tree bears fruits and flowers. ||3||

GorY cir BYs crwvn jweI ]

ghorai char bhais charaavan jaaee ||

Riding a horse, the buffalo takes him out to graze.

bwhir bYlu goin Gir AweI ]4]

baahar bail gon ghar aaee ||4||

The bull is away, while his load has come home. ||4||

khq kbIr ju ies pd bUJY ]

kehath kabeer j eis padh boojhai ||

Says Kabeer, one who understands this hymn,

rwm rmq iqsu sBu ikCu sUJY ]5]9]22]

raam ramath this sabh kishh soojhai ||5||9||22||

and chants the Lord's Name, comes to understand everything. ||5||9||22||

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