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What Actually Are Naam Or Names Of God ?

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dear members

hello all members. in all sikh books we can see NAAM is always mentioned. actually in reality what are this NAAMS? in what forms they exist? are they just written words on a piece of paper or something else? please give me your oppinions on this subject.. please discuss it together by first giving your oppinions on it.. how mind and soul experiences it? then what are unstruct melodies? thanks

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Nam, as per the Bani, is a Conciouss creative power or energy.

Nam, is not any word or couplet of words in any language, neither spoken nor written.

For example, we say water, so the word water written or spoken, does not bring water there, in that book or in one´s mouth, but it conveys some idea or information about that particular thing.

Our Gurus, tell us that, through this power, all creation came into existence, and it is also our origin. It pervades everything and everywhere.

All that we see or do not see, whether physical, astral, causal or even spiritual, is all created by this Nam or Shabad.

The Bani says:

Shabde dhartee, Shabde akash, Shabde Shabad bhaaya parkash. The earth, the skies...were created by the Shabad; and from that Shabad, the Light came forth.

Saglee shrishtee Shabad ke paachay. The whole creation is a reflection of that Shabad

Nanak, Shabade ghatay ghat aachaay. Nanak, and that Shabad pervades in each and every heart.

So we can see, that Shabad, if it were some words, in which language were those words, when Wahiguru created the creation?

And if He created it, did He at all need to talk with someone to create that creation?

And if wahiguru alone existed, previous to any creation, in what language did He need to think, to do anything?

Languages, speech, writing .... are all limited worldly affairs, which involves interaction of the mind...and as we all know, Wahiguru has no mind like us...He is beyond the spheres of the reach of mind.

Akal Purukh is Nirankar, means formless. But according to the teachings of our Guru Sahibans, inspite of being formless, He can still be seen and heard by our souls, but of course not with these our physical sense organs.

That is why Guru Angad Dev Maharaj says : Akhee bajoh vekhna, bin kanna sun/nah...pherah bajoh chalnaa, bin hatha karnaa ...

Means, He can be seen, but not with these eyes. He can be heard, by not with these ears. There we need not feet to walk, nor do we need hands to do any devotion. This Shabad has sound and light, which as said before is within each one of us, irrespective of, who we are, or where we are from.

Any wabhagee jeev, who follows the instructions as per the Bani, can hear this Shabad and see its Jot.

Guru Amar Das refering in this sense says: Nam jinke man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere. Means, establish firmly this Nam by its simran, and you will feel its spiritual vibrations, in the form of Holy Sound and Divine Light.

Guru Sahiban is clearly clearing our agyanta, as many of us believe that when we go there in the spiritual realms, we shall see many people like us, of the race, mazab, dharam or community we may belong...

This is totally wrong, as long as we think in that way, it shows only that we have not understood guramt at all, we are wandering in superstitions and ignorance, we are confused and misinformed...

Because the Bani clearly says: Jin Har japiyaa, se har hoeeyaa. This means, whoever meditated on Him, without any distiction became one with Him.

Just as if the drops merge and become one with the Ocean, who can trace them...moreover, who wants to remain as a drop?

If not so, then it means, we have not understood the Bani at all, because we have limited it between the four walls of our poor and polluted minds. Thus we have done a great unjustice to our Guru Sahibans, in a way, it is disrespect to them, by twisting the meaning of their Bani.

Because with our behaviour, we are unconscioussly saying, what is written in the Bani and it really means, that I do not care, but I will do as it is interpreted by our leaders, and is follwed so since quite a reasonably long time... so there is no question to think otherwise.

This can be proved, if we take any slok or pauree, or any Shabad from the Bani, and read it carefully with attention, each and every single word, and then ask ourselves, does my thinking and understanding fully match with Gurmat ?

Though it may seem a difficult task, but it needs a lot of sincerity and courage from our side, to face ourselves. Because if we are sincere, we shall get the answers from our vey hearts.

Gurbani is perfect from any angle and point of view, it is only that we are weak. But we have to be brave, we have to overcome our weakness, that also, with the guidance of the Bani. Not to listen or read the Bani like parrots, nor as theories, but as something practical, to fulfill our only purpose of becoming one with Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

As the Bani says: Saas saas simroh Gobind(Wahiguru ka simran), meditate constantly on Him, the Creator.

We may ask, only that, but what for?

Well, the Bani clearly says: Jin Har japiyaa, se Har hoeeya . It is the only way, the only jugtee, to become one with Akal Purukh.

The Bani does not say, that in order to become one with Wahiguru, practice rituals, rules, regulations, pilgrimages, idol worship, poojas, jap, tap, dogmas, fastings, torturing your bodies ..... nothing of that sort.

We only need to oneheartedly love Him, and have to Him only, in our minds as our goal. Otherwise we shall be born in other lower realms of the wheel of eighty four, where we can fulfill our worldly desires of land, mazab, politics, race or community, because then we shall have all that, but not Him.

The thing is, He is a jealous lover. So we have to choose, if we have Him only in our hearts, or we have many other concepts/things also. If we want Him, then only Him we should have in our hearts and minds. From others we can get guidance or even inspiration, but it is from Him only, that we can get Him.

What a pity.

We must bear in mind, Wahiguru has nothing to do with these petty distractions. His concern is only for our soul, His essence.

And the only thing one has to do, to return its true Home Sach Khand, is to love Wahiguru alone, by observing and respecting the laws of Nature, in order not to get more entangled in the mayavee creation.

But then, some may ask, o.k to love Him alone, but how to do that?

The Bani says do only one thing: Awar kaaj, tere kitteh na kaam, mil Sadh Sangat, aur bhaj kewal Nam.

This bhaj kewal Nam, is the key to love Him, and also to realize and merge in Him.

That is why the Bani says: Nanak, Nam jahaaz hae .

Satguru Dev Maharaj is telling us: Nam is the only vehicle, to reach Wahiguru, which is, His Simran

So, by now we see Nam can never be some words... it is a power which created the creation, and it is also the very vehicle, with which we can return back Home, Sach Khand.

The Bani also says: Har Simran meh, Prabh aap Nirankara. Though He is formless, He has kept Himself, in His Nam, which can alone be unfolded, by His grace and the Gurparsad.

Ikonkar, Satgur Parsad.

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