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Why Sri Guru Granth Is The Last Guru?

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Guru sahib knew there would be fake guru's sprouting everywhere, so he set an precedence or draw an line that all Sikhs should consider sri guru granth sahib ji as final eleventh Shabad/Ishat Guru as our main focus. But with that being said (having main focus as shabad guru) its within sri guru granth sahib itself which highly advises the individual to do sangat of sadhu, sant,mahapursh, bhramgyani, satpursh as they have experienced the Vahiguroo in form of bhramgyan, so that students can also experience Vahiguroo not just shabad resosance but attained bhramgyan

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji- Gurbani/Shabad Guru should be our focus.. should be in the center in our journey towards spirituality- be it if we are doing sangat/seva of saints or bhramgyanis.

All three things - Karam- Nishkham Seva, Upasana- Shabad Naam Simran/Vairaat Sarab Vypak Vahiguroo, Gyan- gyan of shabad-atma-paratma- nirgun chaitan bhram all listed in sri guru granth sahib maharaj.

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Also, Bibi Bhani ji daughter of guru amar das ji requested that the gur-ghuddi stay in the family, after she put her foot or hand under to support a broken tub when he was bathing.

As dashmesh pita ji sacrificed his whole family, no physical human could take the place of next guru anyway.


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