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India Jaunt - Pics


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A few sample pics from this summer trip to Pb.

post-2934-0-69609000-1342000484_thumb.jp POV image from the Darshani Deori. This is the perspective with the new sun shade installed.

post-2934-0-48251400-1342000570_thumb.jp Pics of the tasty fish in Harimandir Sarovar. I beleive they may be Carp variety, anyone confirm?

post-2934-0-50444900-1342000832_thumb.jp Another close up image of the newly installed sun shade.

post-2934-0-06073400-1342000878_thumb.jp Scene of the Op Bluestar memorial gurdwara. As of about last week the bulidings foundations were laid. Anyone see the irony, that of the heavy machinries that are provided by a Namdhari company?

post-2934-0-83046300-1342000924_thumb.jp A diferrent perspective of the double nishan sahibs outside the Akal Takht.

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Another thing i've noticed about the memorial gurdwara is that it is tucked away in a corner. From what a could gather is that even when walking round the whole complex it would be very easy to miss the building. Facing towards the Akal Takt, it is situated behind Guru Teg Bahadurs gurdwara, on the right hand side. You actually have to leave the complex by the stairs to get to the gurdwara.

The term OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND is conjured up! A convenient compromise between those who wanted a memorial and those against it!

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it was a whistle stop tour of PB. only there for a week. off again in september , will try then.

I did have some pics of streets and countryside strewn with litter and rubbish, tons and tons of it and of stenching open sewers. But of course everyone knows that Guru ki Nagri is full of crap!!!!

Anyway i'm still getting into the swing of things. still developing that illusive photographers eye.

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