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Hazoor Saheb


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Can someone here tell me abit about hazoor sahib specifcally accommodation for outside visitors. I was thinking of when to go, perhaps next year. Can foreign gursikh visitors stay anywhere around hazoor sahib for good few days without much trouble. There have been incidents in amritsar of niwaas not being so welcoming especially to a singh by himself, they make up lies such as we are fully booked or are not respectable towards bana wearing gursikhs. Is hazoor sahib accomdation staff any more respectable (give less hassle)? I don't want to arrive there and have nowhere to stay!

Can someone give abit more info on amrit sanchars there. Today it seems even those lacking in khalsa discpline and bhagti are able to do seva. Is the selection of punj pyare there more strict? More importantly do they have alot of kmayee of simran and gurbanee? I heard Jathedar Kulwant Singh is avastha wale, do they do seva in amrit sanchar?

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Hazoor Sahib has NRI Niwas with better amenities however if you still want to avoid the fuss in case if you are mona or are travelling alone you could stay in one of the hotels there . I dont think you should trouble visiting there in case if you are a foriegn passport holder.

You can reach there and let know I will connect you to someone who will answer all the questions you have .

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