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Thakur Singh Patiale Wale Da Jhooth

PAL 07

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I don't know about this particular case so i cannot comment on it but its true lot of kathavachik and even sant mahapursh exaggerate stuff to make a point in a sakhi. I don't find personally anything wrong with it as long they trying to make a point or trying to show tat(essence) behind the sakhi..sayana person takes the tat(essence) of that sakhi and leave sakhi itself alone does not matter if its exaggerated or not but one with low bibek buddhi will wrap his/her head around the sakhi and missing the whole tat/essence/point behind the sakhi either blow it out of proparation or big it up..simply exaggeration without cause can be classified as a lie but exaggeration of sakhi to show an greater point or tat behind the sakhi is another way of doing parchar.

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