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Where Is Everyone?

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I am here- holding down the forth/torch of sikhawareness.com..!! hoping one day it be just like old times..may be i should retire and name a next sikhawareness gaddi jathedar (successor) :D

Sad really, I understand that peoples lives get busy, but we need to try and surpress those typical "panjabi" feelings and start reviving those Guru Khalsa Panth feelings and come back...

I spend most times going through the archives..lol.

by the way, you have a PM

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I'm here...I'm here!! My, My it really has been quiet here of late.

GKaur is somewhat pre-occupied. dalSIngh has probs started a teaching course. N30 is in a shelter hiding from Sandy! - the storm or the girl?? ;)

Zulu's on a high. TonyHP is maybe having a rant on some other forum. Chatanga's trying to recover his lost barcha,....... I told him not to use bamboo!!!

And all is quiet on the western front.

I've been meaning to post a few pics up here but still pondering which ones yet. Maybe over the next few days.

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I think the last time this site was busy when that person (whose name we must not utter harjas kaur) started posting massive threads..etc...

plus, I think if people actually replied to posts, then we could get some activity going.

I prefer this forum to other forums

ok bye

*hurricane sandy whisks me away*

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I'm here bros and sises!!!

As you know I haven't got anything other than a dongle (that rinses me out!) to connect to the Internet with at home (I'm at a friends right now) plus I'm brushing up on a few things that is taking up my time in any case.

I owe a lot to this forum, it's never far from my mind so don't think I've forgotten you guys!

Will try and post more stuff soon, maybe some translations??

My responses to posts may be sporadic though - given self imposed austerity measures to meet rising winter fuel bills.

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ss.com has always had greatrer number of active members.

The reason is that the subject matter and the quality of threads on that site is at a different level.

If you look at the older posts/threads here you will realise that some serious, hardcore and in depth discussions take place here. The likes of which I dont beleive you will find on any other sikh forum.

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It's a kind of magic!

All of our lot (myself included) need to do more thinking and reflecting.

You may be a mother soon, and you may find yourself wondering about how to improve our society, even if it is for the benefit of your family.

How you finding 'Ingland'?

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