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Harjap Bhangal Interviews Amritpal And Harsangat Kaur - Inspiring


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You have to give it up to Harpal - for not giving a flying pud about his physical appearance on TV! hee hee

With a big stain on his sweater and everything! lol

That African-American sister REALLY projected strength and confidence - it was nice to see in the face of so many insecure apneean out there!

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Its just an imnpression I get when listening to their talks esp if you listen to Harjaps immigration advice on youtube.

They both just coulnt care less about what others think of them.

If you are referring to Mr Bhangal not giving two hoots about his clients, then you are right. Ever been down to his office in Southall. Its a mini Royal Mint.

Didn't he win an award for "helping" his fellow punjabis??

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