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New Website For Spirituality And Health (Covering Most Of Sant Baba Isher Singh's Ji Diary And Deewans)


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Hello everyone,

With God's grace and home studying for many past years, a website has been developed strictly for Spirituality (NOT Religion) and Health. This is not the general run-to-the-mill website.

It has lot of Spiritual stuff derived from many Sant's discourses, diary, books like: Sant Baba Isher Singh (Rara Sahib), Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib), Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji (Nanaksar), Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji (Hote Mardan), Swami Rama, Swami Tiratha, and lot of other great people whose name I might have missed.

In addition to spiritual stuff this website has also extensive list of "Treatment Therapies" as well as "Treatment of Diseases".

The website is: www.satgur.net

Please spread the word, the intention of this website is just to help everyone. Period.

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I know that almost everyone on this forum is more inclined to Spiritual stuff as compared to Treatments and Therapies on the website. But please spread the word as many people around us are suffering unnecessarily at the hands of co-opeartions (hospitals etc.). Moreover, the treatments listed are not just theory; most of the treatements are being successfully implemented for the last 30-40 years and do have solid testimonials (especially Acupressure).

Moreover, the times in near future does not seems good so one should be able to take care of himself/herself without the need of any external medicine and/or tool.

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