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17Th Astpadi Sukhmani Sahib.....


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Fateh sangat.....aad sach jugad sach hai be sach nanak hosi be sach....recited by baba sri chand.... Was there a stoppage in gurbani hence baba sri chand gave the mantra or was out of humility from request from guru arjun dev ji..... Personally i have heard both stories.... Udasis say it was stoppage of bani others say out of humility......personally i do not know and have heard both arguments.... ALL i want is an honest answer...not one thinking a certain answer means we are sikhs and another means we are non sikhs....you all get the picture......please honest unbiased resposes please....im open to all thought inparticular udasi and nirmala thougtht...i apologise if i heart anyones heart..fateh

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While its true baba sri chand maharaj recited his father glory- aad sach, jugad sach, hai bhi sach nanak hosi bhi sach shalok with that being said, there was no stoppage in Gurbani for that, stoppage in gurbani is spread by overzealous udasi chelas (you will find over zealous chelas every where from all walks of life) - please see kam post on this http://www.sikhsanga...nception/page-2

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