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Udasin Akharay

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Nearly everywhere that there is mention of modern Udasi sadhus there is a division between the "bara akhara" and the "naya akhara".

They have seperate buildings, admin, and positions in the procession towards shahi ishnan at the kumbha mela. The above information is all readily available online, however there does not seem to be much by way of informing what the difference between these two akharay is.

I doubt that the older akhara is hinduised and that the new akhara split off from it to retain its sikh connection, or vice verse, and when i asked one udasi devotee what was the difference all he could say was "not much".

Does anyone know about this topic? Is it just like the SGPC and the Delhi Committee? i.e. a bunch of old men forming committees

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Gurfateh Amardeep Veer ji,

What is the political difference about then? Whether they support SGCP or?

Neither faction supports SGPC; apologies if that is what came across in my post.

In fact the only difference appears to be that political differences arose within the Udasis; the same as occurs in every other group, and similar to the differences that arose between SGPC and the Delhi committee (i.e. nothing substantial, just people thinking that they should be in power and not the other group).

I stand open to correction however this is what i have heard back from members of both factions.

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and how many udasis are there in india?

Thats probably impossible to answer- especially when you try to define what exactly an udasi is (i.e. "sikh udasis", "sindhi udasis", "mixed udasi beliefs with hinduism", "purely hindu udasis", "hindus influenced by udasi", those that change their designation continuously, and those that have no designation). Not everything in life fits neatly into our self-manufactured boxes.

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To update people, i made contact with an Udasi baba in India and the question has been resolved.

For those interested; apparently the difference is just a purely political one (i.e. SGPCDelhi Committee type thing stated above).

Does anyone know what texts the Udasis learn when they go to study and where are there main hearquarters. thanks

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Course of studies vary between one Udasin and another (just the same way it varies from one Brahmin Pandit and another)- some study sanskrit, whilst others only focus on gurmukhi.

for main headquarters, please see the link below for a non-conclusive list of a number of udasi centres:


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For official headquarters of the udasin akharas that take part in the procession at the Kumbha Mela

Udasin Bara Akhara is based in Krishna Nagar Allahabad, and the Udasin Naya Akhara is based in Khankal district of Haridwa

Thanks for the information it seems that the udasis are heavily mixed with hinduism. Is there any order of the udasi who are purely Gurmat.

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