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Here We Go Again On The Alqaeda Merrygoround


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The West is worried about the rise of Islamism in Africa. There are two big fears - one is that there is a new international terror network that will come and attack Europe and America. The other is that sneaky Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood will get themselves elected -and then promptly abolish democracy.

But behind these fears is an incredibly simplified - almost fictional - vision of the world. It possesses the minds of many western politicians, journalists and associated think tank "experts". And at its heart is a kind of filter that wipes away anything complex about power and the struggles for power in African countries - and replaces that with a simple picture of the world as divided between goodies (us in the west) and dangerous frightening baddies who are out to destroy us.

It's both blind and arrogant. And it's terribly dangerous.

To try and bring it into focus I want to go back twenty years and tell two dramatic stories. In them lie many of the roots of today's western fears - but also, in the details of both stories are keys to understanding two crucial things that we ignore today at our peril. One is the complex local power struggles that have helped the rise of Islamism in Africa, and the second is the way past western interventions have fuelled a hatred and distrust of Europe and America - that has in turn massively helped the Islamist cause.

One is the story of what happened in Somalia between 1990 and 1993 - the real events that led to Black Hawk Down or, to give it its proper name, "Operation Gothic Serpent". The second is the story of the weird and horrific events that happened in Algeria between 1992 and 1996 after the Islamist party

called FIS was stopped from winning an election by an armed coup. A coup that had the implicit backing of the west.

There is an odd ghost that haunts not only Somalia's history, but has also lodged itself in the western imagination. He was called Mohammed

Abdullah Hassan - and a hundred years ago he set out to try and unite all the Somali people in an Islamic state. The British called him The

Mad Mullah and they battled against him for twenty years until they found a new way of getting rid of him. They bombed him from the air.

These are the forgotten ruins of the place that was going to be the capital of his Islamic state - he called it The Dervish state


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I feel like the Al Qaeda 'threat' is just some exaggerated bullshit used by whites to scare other dimwitted or scheming whites to unify them against a common enemy.

Whatever - Al Qaeda aint a patch on the threat of nuclear war us cold war babies grew up under.

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Some parts of the UK look like the Soviets nuked them anyway. And dont get me started on the mutants. jk

But seriously has anyone noticed how AlQaeda in Afghanistan and Mali are bad....but AlQaeda in Syria and Chechnya are good (according to the media and govt anyway)? Some dirty mind games going on.

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Notice how sullay generally don't acknowledge conflicts unrelated to themselves - should we follow suit?

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Notice how sullay generally don't acknowledge conflicts unrelated to themselves - should we follow suit?

Sikhs just watch Sky News to see what's going on in the world and that's all they see. We cant even acknowledge when someone is out to get us let alone understand what a conflict really is. How can there be conflict when the world is full of unicorns and rainbows and jellybabies and the Khalsa rules the world lol?

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edit - I agree we seem to be really caught up in the muslim world, maybe due to proximity but we need to storm forward in Punjab as well.

Well, I'm wrong in what I said. It's more complex than it seems, not all muslims are allahu akbar screaming suicide bombers. :P

Anyway, it is said that europe conquered many places (not punjab :P) because of a very indivudualistic culture. It allowed for greater sharing of ideas, asset creation, etc.

This culture is destroying itself today, because the final goal is wealth accumulation. This leads to for example below 1 fertility rates.


Khalsa, is also indivdualisitc but has a communal backdrop with a different spirtual goal.

So improves upon that.


Places without it, as you can see or with less of a spirtual backdrop tear themselves up.


I would daresay see the massacres in Algeria and they are probably less severe than FARC as Islam has more spirtuality than Catholicism which is entirely a creation of the Roman Empire.

Bhul Chuk Mauf.

This was my original post that I changed after reading that article and the comments by a person named Rab. if someone is able to comment on there (not sure if mine will go through) please tell him/her about the gerson method of cancer cure. A german scientist discovered the cause of cancer in 1931, won a nobel prize, and it still has not been disputed. Healthy cells burn glucose, cancer ones distill it. This occurs when there is not enough oxygen, and this occurs when body has ph below 7. something and therefore becomes acidic. In essense drinking pure oxygen will cure cancer.

--- Original 'Ignorant' Post :P

It's really as simple, as they've lost their culture and want to be
white now. They believe in the myth of a racial system, and that they
lost to white people and now have to regain their pride. After that, fun

It's not a warrior quom so they have to
make up justifications to fight; I see many, many somalis in Canada who
are for banning all guns, and disarming people.

You have al shabab on the other end, so the middle is where it's at.


read that the main reason it's claimed that a white culture could
dominate other societies was because it is indivudalistic. I.e speaking
up, and being dominant and having your ideas are respected. It is
destroying itself today, due to having a primary goal of assasing wealth
which lead sto for example, many child-less women.


Khalsa, has the benfit of a communal system along with the indivudalism, watch it rise.

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