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Dulla Bhatti And The Gurus


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One thing I have always wondered about is if Dulla Bhatti was ever in contact with the Gurus. I do know that we probably will never get the answer but it is interesting,

He was a contemponary of the 5/6th Gurus and had so much 'Sikhi' principles in him. He raised two Hindu girls, 'fought' the Moghuls (altough for a personal reason - revenge). And just he was ruler of the Nankana Sahib/Jhang area...

What do you guys think

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Well that doesn't add anything substantial to the discussion. They weren't allow to reconvert or convert to another religion, but it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Many Sikhs during the gurus times were ex-Muslims.

I was wondering about a possible meeting between Dullah and the Guru, or him being inspired by Sikh teachings, since a Punjabi Muslim king opposing Mughal Muslim Akbar is not something you would expect. And his secular views we see in his adoption of Hindu girls just made me wonder. He also lived during the times of Guru Arjan and Guru Hargobind, so the period where Sikhi was heavily militarised.

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