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India Life Visa Is A Con


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India Life Visa Is A Con.

Beware that the visa for life thought out by GOI is a not a good idea. What happens is that you lose vital UK citizenship rights such as a right to consulary services when abroad in India. So this setup by GOI is that unscrupolous humble Sikhs will go for this thinking that it saves all the hassle of getting a visa and then whenever they go to india if the Police or GOI agencies decide to screw you up then you will have no help from the British Government under the British High Commission in India.

Therefore the sangat is advised to beware and always fully research anything you decide to sign up to.

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Hi ,

Did some research regarding this and came across this important info


please read this letter , I think its is more of a concern to people who own or stand to inherit agricultural land in India ?

It seems you do not lose your rights as a british citizen.


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