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Very Urgent!

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Hi, calling all sikhs to please be aware of the following websites. If theres anyway I hope we can gt them deleted. These websites are all about conversion and the disrespect of sikhism. For any young sikhs these websites probably are or wanting to convert sikhs into muslims. I am genuinely shocked at these websites and their tac tics for conversion. Please view them and warn others especially those vulnerable. Its such a disgrace what limits Islam would go to for converting sikhs or trying to round their numbers. There are many many more on google. Just thought I would share a few with you all. I am very disgusted that this is continously happening in today's modern society.








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Also http://www.islam-sikhism.info/ is the biggest disgrace yet. It comes on the first page of google when searched. We need to have this website closed down. There must be a way to do this legally. Everything based on sikhism on this website is a lie and has a seed hidden in each article to make sikhs and other non muslims to convert into their made up fake parody of a religion on their website.

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