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Under Threat Of Ban; Why Was Thread Deleted.


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It was under time of one of caliphs that it was rearranged as longest to shortest; it used to be by time with context from biography so anyone could understand. This, is the flood the end of all free and rational. Replace trust and critical though with dualism and submission. Not talking of the people, only the doctrine and it is biggest threat to world unless it wakes up. El-tiqqya the four different lies or doctrine of lies able to told to outsiders. If it advances cause, it's good otherwise bad.

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Thank you, as you go through you will realize a few things; One just as a dalit is not a hindu, this is not about a religion. Merely a political doctrine. Two, there are no insults as everything is being talked about by the book, and is in fact also historically correct. It is talking about the political side of it aka how to treat those not in your group, the non-believers. For a 'non-believer' the religious aspect aka what direction to pray, rules concerning length of beard etc. are not at all relevent.

The political side, however is of the upmost importance and it is critical that we understand the difference and how to counter it. I didn't think that it would was just being reviewed; so,

I forget, sometimes that I am not on a english forum, and that my quom would not have knee-jerk reactions. I apologize, for any krodh I may have brought out because of this.


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