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i didn't know this

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According to Sikh history, Maharaja Ranjit Singh got the gold-plating and interior decoration of the Darbar Sahib completed by taking personal interest.

I think that answers your question Rochak Malang Ji.The frescos weren't painted in the Satguru's time.Still I think this is history, and should be preserved, not destroyed.There are many historical Gurdware with frescos of the Satguru and various Sant, Devte, Devi et al.There's nothing wrong in that, unless some moorakh starts praying to them.

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Rochak is my 1st name. It means interesting (what an irony huh...LOL). Malang means someone lost in his own world, or in someone's love, not having any anxieties or tensions in life (i m not 100% that way...LOL). The reason why i use it as my last name is coz right now my last name isn't Singh and i hope i am worthy enough to have that name someday in future.

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