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Do Sikhs In India Appreciate All The Efforts Of Sikhs In The West

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it seem's we are wasting our time , people in india dont want our help, and dont appreciate what we are doing here (uk)

I have heard this from family members , who have visited india and been told everything is ok here

it is the western sikhs who are causing the trouble.

people in india now are not the same as our parents who came from there many years ago, are they happy to live under a regime?

Do they want our help or are we making matters worse.

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Despite of curroption, beauracy, red tape, power abuse- am janta in india are doing their best to survive, feed their family and enjoy life...It's all state of mind and life is what you make it..political activism have its own place and time..we cannot expect people to be political activist 24/7 as there are aspects in life too such as spirituality, family, devotion, social life etc etc..Life isn't all that bad in india, its very chilled according to their standards, its just life appears bad in india or punjab when we start seeing it from lenses of western perspective as we have been pampared to have everything in silver plate and we do take things for granted.
We cannot say all of punjabis living in punjab living as a sheep that would be quite condescending statement- am banda is indeed making a living in pride in punjab..i think they are accumosted to live certain life style without getting too worked up in daily to daily broken beauracy/red tape, curroption, poltics as they know, its not punjab which is suffering from this but whole india is suffering from curroption and certain mindset..am banda cannot be simply arsed to take a role of next robin hood and have left the job to akaal purkh/bhagvan after all its indeed its hakum of akaal purkh and its akaal purkh khel.
There is nothing western sikhs can do from their cozy leather chair and pampered western life style to change things in punjab..change has to come within from punjab..if they really want to make a difference..they need go there and go through democratic process and register themselves as next leader in election in punjab ...superfically fingering/lecturing punjabis in punjab never has helped or helping or will help as they need to prove that they are willing to walk the talk not just an talking like an empty vessel.
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I understand and personally i would not involved, there have been protest in london in recent days to ask uk government to put pressure on the indian government to stop hanging in india etc, but i think it is a waste of time as you say it has to change from within and if people in india dont want to help themselves and dont appreciate us trying to do what ever little we can, then why bother no i certainly would not get involved again, would rather sit in my cosy leather chair as you say :D

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I dont think any protest is a waste of time.

In india as mentioned , its very corrupt.

If someone stands up for thier rights they are put down , arrested , tortured , so for the sake of this people back in India dont want the "hassle"

of them their parents being wrongly tortured just becuase they speak up. (NO JUSTICE )

I think the main problem is that all the attrocities happening in India are not being portrayed across the globe . This is where we are lacking , how do we get all the media involved , so that these things can be highlighted. if it costs then lets pay ( we pay for Nagar Kirtans , more are being done this year its not cheap).

I think the people in punjab need to be educated especially in the pends the most vunerable. Their mentality needs to be changed at the moment its , how can i make a quick buck from you , or rip you off , so my pockets full.

I think each gurudaware in the pend should have a computer server which can access a central location which information from anywhere around the world can be uploaded to. Any news good or bad , fed to each Gurudaware then the Gianis responsibility or even sangats ( choose some sikhs which will not be sold easily) they then educate the sangat as what is the truth.

My parents went to india ( jandiala) , when protests were happening in the UK re Prof Bhullar , in that pend , they were not aware what was happening at all.

If you look at the program on BBC2 where people from the UK go and do the same job abroad e.g. last week it was a binman from london going to thailand ( i think) doing the same job ,, cut a long story short , the guy from the uk made a difference the government bucked up their idea and gave the binmen a proper cart for carrying rubbish , stopped people dumping waste .., the point being if we all knock on the door be wherever you are i think it will make a difference forcing the government to make a change whether they like it or not.

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I agree with most of what you say, people in the pends do need education, but a lot of the problems are caused by educated middle/ upper class sikhs who have a cushy life and dont want any change, because of there arrogance and selfishness. Here in the uk we are told help your brothers etc, but as i have said in my original post, they dont want it, so i have become disheartened and stopped.

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It all depends on a person's perspective when it comes to facing injustice or understanding the level of corruption. Atrocities have been done everywhere, early European settlers in U.S.A and Canada committed barbaric acts on the aboriginal tribes whose lands they stole, criminalizing them and eliminated their population.

The situation in India is, everyone is facing it. I don't know what makes us feel so special. Anti corruption protests were bludgeoned. Hindus largely were part of those protests.

In India we know things at ground level and how much worth it is spend time over this.

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According to the people who suffered personally at the hands of the ravan sena, its vital that we support them and highlight issues that they are unable to otherwise do. India can dismiss its internal voices flippantly, but it cannot do so with external voices, so we should make sure that we use it.

As for the sikhs who live there, im afraid, they are largely ignoramus' in the sikh political arena, because of various reasons.

TBH, some of them i have met are complete cretins.

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Not true, the average person is aware but exists in a very different state from us here. There is no social safety net, and many exist cheque to cheque well, the equivalent there being harvest to harvest.

Therefore, we must re-double our effots. I've talked to people to, and all I have to say is that the quom that conquered jalandhar 3 months after losing 75% is still very alive and awake.

How can you say no-one cares when Punjab shuts down for Rajona, and Simranjit Singh Mann can hold rallies attracting lakhs.

The difference is, people there know that the entire family is in danger and so move more cautiously.

Because we don't have the same dangers, we can move more aggressively.

Google 10 maxims of law, learn that apply it I've just gotten accept 4 value to work which means the quom will have more funds.

Bro, we defeated the strongest military force in the world (british) we were the strongest state treachery defeated us.

WTH are you afraid of?

Put your head in your hand, and walk towards guru ji. He will give you your instructions.


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For a long time they were ungrateful but now they are changing as more and more international travel takes place they come to see the major contributions that NRI's have made to India. Punjab Govt and and central are very supportive of NRI's since they know that are a milk tanker that can easily be milked.

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