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Rumi' Love For Hazrat Muhammad Sahib Ji (May 24)


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Yet, I have seen the signs of Your Grace and Kindness in the
appearance of that incomparable Pearl, O Generous One.

Since, although he is from (among) us, he doesn't resemble us. We
are entirely (like) copper, and Muhammad is (like) the (alchemical)

lêk dar sîmây-é ân durr-é yatîm
dîda-am âSâr-é luTf-at ay karîm

ke na-mê-mân-ad ba-mâ, gar-che ze-mâ-st
mâ hama mess-êm-o aHmad kîmiyâ-st

--from Mawlânâ's Masnavî, Book 4, verses 990-91
--from "Rumi and Islam," p. 145

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