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Books On Sikh History Concerning Sikh Raj And After...

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I have been looking around for books concerning the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and after upto the annexation after the Lahore Kingdom.

I have noticed that there are quite a few books available on this history timeline, and wanted to ask forum members if they have read any of these books and which ones they found good.

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Interesting. I'd never heard of that author J. C. Dua and he seems to have written a bunch of books about various aspects of Panjabi/Sikh history.

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The book on Hari Singh Nalwa by Vanit Nalwa is very good. As is the First Anglo-Sikh War book by Amarpal S Sidhu. War, Culture and Society in Early Modern South Asia, 1740-1849 by Kaushik Roy is supposed to be good as well, but I havent read that one.

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Have heard of some books that are quite rare now, that cover the history of 1800-1900 ish.

the first is "The Khalsa Darbar" by Sita RAm Kohli, published in 1920s.

there is "Sri Fateh Singh Pratap Prabhakar" written in 1980 and published by Joginder Kaur, which is a thesis on the original written by Ram Sukh Rao, which was originally written in the 1920s.

Anybody know of any other obscure books that woudl furnish good detail about this time period?

also for you southerners, these books are available to read in SOAS library.

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