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Heaven And Hell Are Real....

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A debate which causes havoc amongst the believers and non
believers alike, but it is fierce and at the same time confusing when it’s
concerning Sikh community. Yes, it’s the old Hell-Heaven debate that I am
talking about. Whenever I am concerned with the topic and I happen to turn
towards my religious philosophers and Gyanis. But I get conflicting views , unsatisfied answers
and sometimes utter rejection. But when I refer to religious texts and our
beloved Guru Granth Sahib. I get more satisfactory and vivid answer. On that
basis here I want to express my viewpoint and it’s stable & clear that they
do exist for real.

Let me take two frequent viewpoints that I come across
whenever I refer to Heaven and Hell. First, being the Spiritual State of Mind
also called as Avasthaa and second as enjoyments endured in this Human Life. I
will take them in detail. Please read it patiently and carefully.

At first point of discussion it is always famously stated as
Heaven as a state of being in the eternal bliss of god and hence enjoying nearness
to Akal Purakh. Simultaneously, Hell is a state of being far from almighty and
hence getting trapped in the bodily endeavors of panj vikaars and leading a
life of hassles , untruthfulness.

My take on this viewpoint is that the argument may be true partially but it’s other way
round not as described by many scholars and gianis like above , it’s the real
life of heaven or hell which is for real , yes real , a part of which can be
experienced here on this earthly plane . Traditionally heaven is described as a
plane of existence where only happiness is there no pains , no remorse , no
crying only enjoyment in the astral body while hell being the plane where guilty
is punished badly. But India’s religious viewpoints go a step further and
describe it as a temporary plane of existence which a soul achieves due to it’s
karma and when the fruits of karma is worked out souls come back to the Earthly
plane to continue their journey towards Akal Purakh a few ones with a lot of
naam kamai (earning of name of god) can continue to rise further without the
need to come back to earth. Hence hell heaven are not the ultimate destination
which souls must thrive to achieve as pointed by some schools of thought. All
must thrive to achieve the ultimate destination that’s the abode of Akal Purakh
known as Sach Khand (Realm of truth).

This truth can be ascertained from Guru Granth Sahib too,
guru sahib has indeed mentioned heaven and hell and their respective state of
being far too many times in many Angs , but one baani of Asa Di Var is more than
enough to verify that they are for real and particularly rejecting the above
point of view.

Ha▫o vicẖ ā▫i▫ā ha▫o vicẖ ga▫i▫ā.

In ego man comes, in ego he

Ha▫o vicẖ jammi▫ā ha▫o vicẖ mu▫ā.

In ego they are born, and in ego
they die.



Ha▫o vicẖ narak surag avṯār.

In ego they go to heaven or hell.

Now, any believer who
contemplates on the above wordings he/she will have to agree that they are for
as they can’t go against Guru Sahib. It is for them who think that how hell
heaven is a spiritual nearness and separateness from God , now a gursikh is taught
a basic thing that more he sheds his ego , removes pride the more near he will
go the Almighty Lord and result will be shown in his karma and activities. Each
one knows that it is true and hence can’t be contradicted but if the first
concept of heaven and hell is to be taken then we find that “In ego one goes to
heaven” , wow.. literally meaning that one is getting near to god by living in
, so Gursikho what’s the need to shed ego , remain in ego and go near near
to god, now isn’t it sounding absurd?? Another thing that the last word “Avatar”
is signifying the astral body, so no one can argue that it’s talking about next
human birth.. Guru sahib could have used word like sareer, avastha.. the lines
before and after these shabads are signifying the life and activities of Human
beings , so that signifies that it is too related to Human beings.

So my humble request to all,
please remove the misconceptions of Heaven and hell from mind (if you have any)accept
it as a reality to come afterlife and but a Gursikh always thrive for further spiritual rise hence
surpassing states of Hell heaven and reaching the abode of Akal Purakh.

Speaking on the second one , when
one says that it is the enjoyments which one endures in human life then with
all due respect I have to say that those Sikhs themselves are promoting the
Manmukhi (materialness) Avasthaa. It is just like justifying the Islamic
concept of heaven (again that’s spoken against by Sikhs & non Sikhs alike)
but in earthly context. E.g. more you honor Allah , the more hooris & paris
you will get , the more you abstain from drinking more wine you will get in
heaven and indirectly those Sikhs themselves are endorsing this but in this
Human Life. In that manner we may come to a conclusion that all developed
countries , all rich-kids, all millionaires are enjoying heaven , while the
unfortunate ones living in Dharaavi , slums , war torn countries are living in
hell. Well if that would have been true there was no need for Mahatama Buddha
to leave his palatial house for the search of truth neither there was a need
for Guru Nanak to leave his home and go on so many Udaasis for spreading the
message of truth they all must have thought that it’s a heaven that we have achieved hence we are near to
god what’s the need. Neither there would have been any need for many Westerners
to leave their developed nation and come as far as to India and parts of Asia
to adopt the means of truthful life & peace. Same goes for poor , underprivileged
ones.. gursikhs must remember that those same financially poor went on to become
Sant Kabir, Baba Namdev , Sant Ravidass , yes those same highly evolved souls
whose sayings have been recorded in Guru Granth Sahib if their bodily & financial condition
could have been a living hell how could they have remembered lord in such a
definite & in a loving way. Again it is true when we say that people on
earth create Heaven-Like situation , Hell-like situation we have to agree those
planes of existence are there that’s why the comparison takes place , similarly
like in India when we say "oh see those Roads look like America, that beautiful
area resembles Canada , xyz like the London" it’s not just our mere imagination
we know that it’s for real and people/frequent travelers tells us like that ,
same goes for many gurus who are taking birth since ages and enlighting us with
their god blessed wisdom.

I will be pleased to have views of other gurshikhs here.. Thanking you.. bhul chuk maaf...

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Divinity has meta reality based on one's perception. Here is an example from gurbani by bhagat kabir when bhagat kabir talks-
Kya Narak, Kya Surag Vichaara, Santan Doyoo Roade ||
Perception of hell or heaven does not exist in saint's consciousness, so to them why even vichar about it among themselves? Both are rejected. Now that does not mean hell or heaven literally don't exist , it very much exist but on separate meta reality level/ human consciousness level..!!!!
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N3O Singh is quite right - the question of whether heavan and hell exists was asked to Sri Ramana Maharishi a great saint of recent times. He said that so long as the ego exists then heaven and hell exist, but when the ego is deceased and self realization is acquired then there is only God. The video below is recommended

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PAL 07,

Thanks so much for the video, and our guru sahib summarizes the entire discussion of heaven and hell in one line... but despite after so many clearifications about it's REAL existence by so many sages and Sri Guru Granth Sahib , I fail to understand why in Sikh jagat it is never accepted , I know that it shouldn't be a part our regular discussions as a Sikh is expected to rise above these planes of existences and to be a part of the permanent abode of Sachkhand, but still whenever if there is any discussion it is many times rejected as utterly rubbish.. and shouldn't be part of discussions

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PAL 07,

Thanks so much for the video, and our guru sahib summarizes the entire discussion of heaven and hell in one line... but despite after so many clearifications about it's REAL existence by so many sages and Sri Guru Granth Sahib , I fail to understand why in Sikh jagat it is never accepted , I know that it shouldn't be a part our regular discussions as a Sikh is expected to rise above these planes of existences and to be a part of the permanent abode of Sachkhand, but still whenever if there is any discussion it is many times rejected as utterly rubbish.. and shouldn't be part of discussions

Get the whole idea of H H out of your mind and go towards the two eyes that show you the true path; that of Vairaag (spiritual food) and Wisdom (knowledge)

Philosphy and SGGS are very deep and complex, i have been studying Gurbani for the last 10 years and yet i feel i know nothing, The above video is extremely helpful in explaining just one aspect of life - that of the self. However there is so much more to learn, i am in total amazement at the amazing and mindblowing information available in the book talks with Ramana Maharishi. India is the K2 mountain of brahm vidiya, there are so many books written by Sages,Fakirs and Yogis.

Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Jee's MP3 katha of all of Gurbani is also highly valuable because again it is am exogenesis doen by the enlightened mind. I believe the katha will soon be available in book form aswell.

I really really recommend reading talks with raman maharishi; the book is so simple because it is just a compilement of Q. and A. asked to Sant Ji.

Its the best book i have ever read and is available for pdf download link below



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I agree with pal veer ..Gurbani speaks to each one of us ...it connects to all human consciousness at different levels sitting at different different states and perception..its support meta reality- bhagti and gyan both..there are many tukhs which are for sargun bhakti and there are same tukhs in gurbani which could be interperted as nirgun..for me mool mantar, 21st asthapadi shalok- sargun nirgun nirankar sun samadhi aap apie kiya nanaka apaie pher jaap, jaap sahib sri akaal ustat updesh vahiguroo being sarabvyapak sublime chaitan saroop gives full sidhant of Gurmat at all stages. There are many margs/sadhans within gurbani one can adapt depending on their state of mind or stages- sargun bhagti, shabad surat, gyan- atam kojh (self inquiry)

Gurbani is so vast that it applies to each and every human being at different different state of mind and consciousness.

Gur Ki Moraat Man Mein Dyaan Gur ka shabad mantar man maan - beginner stage (sargun upasana- incorporating imagery of Guru and Shabad together to have dhyan parpak- making foundation of dhyan strong)

Gur Morat Guru Shabad Hai - intermediate stage- (still towards sargun, start slowly going towards nirgun gyan) - Eh akhar kirh jaingaie, vo akhar inn mein nahi | Akhar Dristh Man Jaita Nanak Parbhram Nirlaipa ||

Sabh Gobind Hai Sabh Gobind Hai - practicing seeing sabh gobind in everything/self enquiry to get rid of duality and ego- advanced stage

Perceiving bhram (Sabh Gobind Hai Sabh Gobind Hai ) in everything partakh in every moment- (bhramgyan stage-anubhav of nirgun gyan).


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I dont truley understand everyones views but to add to the first point..........H n H dont phisicaly exsist......... ....when talking bout ego guru sahib could be talking bout the 3 states of which bliss comes, a state of ego and a state of sadness and depresion........as gursikhs we have to go past these stage to reach god

now heaven would be merging with akal purak waheguru when hearing anad shabad or sometimes if ur extreamly lucky u meet god while still on this earth as hearing anad shabad only means ur liberated so u can talk n see god n ask him wat to do while ur hear on earth so thats 'heaven'.

as of hell, well there isnt such thing exept if u havent met god in this life u keep on coming back till u do.

(WJKKWJKF..........I could be wrong, maaf koro.)

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As long as duality remains, so will heaven and hell.

A Sikh's goal, in my opinion, is to try and make the fine line in dualities; as faint as possible--> to point of  no duality.

No duality means no heaven and hell, no dukh and sukh, pain or sadness...no comparisons of self with others..etc..

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