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Female Ganesha

In Hinduism every divine being has the male as well as the female form. That is, every divine deity has a male and female avatar signifying the circle of life. The male avatar denotes the mental state of power while the female avatar denotes the physical state of power or ‘shakti’.

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Female Ganesha Avatar

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Vedas and Upanishaads breaks down everything into - Karam, Upasana and then Gyan. There is no issue for hindus to worship ganesha avtar at the begineer stage for concentratation and have good luck as long as one can transcedend in their upasana and realize that main aim or end stage is gyan stage(end of vedas-vedant) there is one non dual bhagvan which is radiant among all its creation which is known as sadasiv, mahavisnu among many names and its not confined to ganesh ji or its idol.

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Ganesh worship is tribal or aboriginal , there are Ganesh temples in different parts of the world .Anything which was considered stronger than humans and benefitted mankind was worshipped. The 5 elements of nature , animals like elephants , snakes , wild boar , trees , rivers have been made demi gods and goddesses .

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