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Ganesha Symbolism

The elephant headed God from Hindu mythology has many symbolism. And it is by studying Ganesha symbolism that we begin to understand what the sages of yore were telling us, how to improve our lives for the better. He is the omnipotent and omniscient deity. He holds the reins of power. His teachings show the way to a better life. And it is up to every person to find their own perfect way and in turn lead their lives to the best of their abilities. Many believe that Ganesha was a formless deity, the be all and end all of every creation. The conjuring up of the elephant shape was simply for the benefit of his followers. Ganesha symbolism represents both the beginning and the end of consciousness. In this chaotic universe it is his supreme energy, which brings the order we see around us.

Ganesha symbolism represents effortlessness and wisdom in all forms. The head of the elephant is large, which signifies the highly developed intellect. The elephant is a highly intelligent animal one that believes in taking any problem head on. And this is what people have to learn from this mysterious yet affable lord. When you are looking for the perfect art of living, represented by lord Ganesha, the very first thing one must learn is to remain unmoved in the face of challenges. Life is full of difficulties and hindrances but those who succeed, do so with sheer will power. This strength lies in the inner reaches of every human being. This latent energy is what Ganesha represents. Knowledge is useless without the effort of putting it into use and vice versa.

Ganesha symbolism stands for both, the power of knowledge and the power of hard work. These two must go hand-in-hand to have a pleasing conclusion. While worshiping this all-powerful deity devotees seek the boon of calm determination, one that will help them through various challenges in life. The big belly of this god signifies generosity, towards the other gods and towards Ganesha’s devotees. The elephant tusk represents Ganesha’s single mindedness in all endeavors, which ultimately leads to success on all fronts. Ganesha rides the incongruous mouse, which is an extremely clever animal. The mouse represents the greed in the world that human beings are driven by. Keeping the mouse under him symbolises the control of this greed. By understanding this Hindu deity, it is possible for one to attain success and fulfilment in every aspect of life. Ganesha symbolism is the teacher who teaches the art of living to all the devotees.

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Guest Mahesh

Lord Ganesha is also known for destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. In fact, Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four).Many Hindu parents also give names to the children of lord Ganesha , Some of the Hindu Baby Names are Akhurath,bheema,swaroop,shanmukha etc...

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