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What Job Do You Do?

Johny Depp

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Everyone has the right to earn money by doing some useful work. That is what written in Bhagwad Geeta also, right? A person who does nothing is liable to go to hell. So, now my question for everyone is - How many of you actually have a job, and how many are jobless? Be frank. Don't worry those who don't have any work right now. If you are willing to work then the door is open you just have to see where it is.

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Whatever job you do, try to make it the company of sadh sangat.

This is the company or dealing with people that can help promote the gurmat sikhi within you.

It doesn't have to be the company of Sikhs in their bana, it can be he simple company of people wanting your help or one's that rely on your expertise. In these cases you should act in the best of their interests that helps your own spiritual growth.

I know that it is very difficult in many situations where you work for someone and they only guarantee your employment if you guarantee financial gain at anyone else's expense but that which helps your manager gain. In these cases you may be acting in the best interests of your employer and not the client/customer, for example.

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I make sure convicted drunk people don't drink and drive. It's astonishing too see how many desi people are DUI in Canada.

So, you are a 'cop'?

I am a Kharku.

I also wish to spread the knowledge of R v Dell 2005, and R v John Anthony Hamilton 2011 to make your job impossible. :P


Site has iffy other stuff, but this case is b eing supressed so.. Have at it.


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