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Here are some tips i can share, these are tips i compiled after listening to various katha's by various mahapursh:

-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Only after bhramgyan one can totally negate mind before that we are all affected by mind/thoughts which is made out of rajo, sato and tomo.

However, we can minimize bad thoughts in our mind...Here are some of the tips which may help you:

1. Divide your mind in two. One has dya, dharam, sat, santokh, gyan and other one effected by kaam, krodh, lob, moh, ahankar..whenever bad thoughts come in/5 vices, let your other portion of mind of good attributes dya, dharam sat, santokh, gyan to take control of your other portion of mind effected by five vices. Control kaam with gyan, if you are getting kaam thoughts, instead of looking at his/her body or act, look at the light behind him/her and look at the body with the reality how its made of five elements which will be reduced to dust one day or another.

2. Listen to gurbani, memorize some of gurbani tuks which talks about kaam, take sahara of guru maharaj to remove the thoughts of kaam.

3. Do self inquiry, always question whenever bad thoughts effected by 5 vices comes in, ask to whom is it for? is it for my body or mind/egoistic mind and do self inquiry right away -my real self is beyond body and mind so its not for me as my real soul does not have even have mind made out of rajo, tamo and sato let alone bad thoughts.

4. Dont pay attention to bad thoughts, let them come in- don't enforce anything, perceive everything comes from the light and start seeing light behind everything, you will notice after a while bad thoughts like waves will go away by itself. For eg- water just like waves in pot always moves in open sun light .Hence we cannot see sun light reflection from sun but once we ignore waves and focus on light behind it, after a while you will notice only light in the pot nothing else will move your perception.

5. Keeping doing ardas to guru maharaj and these thoughts effected by 5 vices are not for me, please make them go away.

6. Make your mind busy with other good things, never let mind sit bored to let your thoughts accumlated in your sub consciousness mind attack you.

7. Don't suppress the thoughts neither let them go loosely, sit in resonance of vahiguroo/ikongkar mantra visualize as if everything is folding itself back in ikongkar...these thoughts are being destroyed and everything merging/folding itself all in all in ONE- IkONGKar and thats the source of everything so focus on Ik0ngkar.

8. As soon as bad thoughts came in, visualize yourself as light, above ground where you can see earth liquaditing or disapearing itself into multi universe...where are bad thoughts? no where, just beautiful view of Vahiguroo's creation.

9. Always have gurbani on headphones or speakers..don't just listen but also imagine each akhar into real story for eg Bisar gayi sab tat paraie or among others ..visualize it or think about this stage which gurbani talks about.

10. Keep your socializing to very minimal whether it be regular joe blow freinds, t.v, ads, movies if you are begineer. It will easily sway you away from your real purpose of being sikh....always keep doing sangat of elder gursikhs or mahapursh to clear further doubts or sansas.

11. Finally, cheer up life aint bad..present is very actual moment of all moments- neither past or future..what matters what you do now in present neither past or future.

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Listen to kirtan, katha, etc. Do what N30 said basically. Follow his advice closely. But in case you end up watching videos anyway then do simran before, during and after teh videos. Bring Waheguru into the play ground. Then as you play, direct your attention towards Waheguru and hold it there. Bring Waheguru into the activity and it will bring peace.

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there is another way too... study the actions ..think about those people who act in those films ..what mentality do they have ...what must have been circumstances that might have pushed them into this trade...and in my opinion it is natural to watch them...it is just that when the conscience hurts it means you overdone things crossing the limits what your heart has set. ..dont force yourself ..train yourself ...and don't degrade yourself because at times it works in the opposite direction..just understand how nature works .

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Frankly speaking, lust as well as all other 4 vices are quite difficult to overcome them. Almost imposible for any human being. The creation is a trap, in the sense that the soul is contolled by the mind and the mind runs after the sensual pleasures, after the shadows, after maya...

There are phases in one´s life, when suffers more attacks from lust , specially when one is young...right from childhood, specially boys.

I can talk about myself, not that I was mad after it .... but one is inmature, and one likes to watch, talk or read about it ...one goes aftter the opposite sex to find a soulmate,..... but the fact is, each and everyone in one way or other is after lust conscioussly or not.

The creator has kept lust in us for a purpose, to use it within control, for bringing up our same species. Not to indulge in it. After many years, it is now, that this vice has subdued to an extent. And I know for sure, that not very far, it will be vanished by His grace.

It is a very dirty thing, it pollutes your whole being, making you feel guilty...and then you find yourself helpless about it.

All whatever information the brothers have given with their views in the upper posts, are all valid and valuable as much, we have to learn a bit something from all of them.

This lust has made big sages and yogis fall down and eat dust ... so who are we ordinary people then?

Even a fellow like Ravana, being so learned and mighty, such a yogi, a devotee of Shiva....also was defeated and ruined tottally because of lust.....

To elope with somebody´s wife(other woman apart from one´s wife) ...is a big sin... Nature wil smash you....

We have proofs of this fact, even now a days ...so many homes are broken and relations are cut off.... and just because of this bloody vice lust.

The thing is, you have to keep an close eye on this lust, and see when it attacks you, then you just go away, or move away from there for that time being...if you have any magazines or videos of these at home, destroy them ... but what I suggest you is, to run away from that palce at that moment when you see that it is going to attack you...take away the video deck from your house ...delete the web pages of porn from your computer ...the thing is to fight with it conscioussly ...like preventing a thief entering your house, beacuse you have seen .... that your house(you) is being theft very frecuently.

So what do you do? First you see with attention, how does it enter and when or where from does it enters..... so the next step is to block all the possible entries and block them tightly, so that it may not have any future chance...

That is the first step...and then the second step is.... conscioussly do some type of meditation...of jap, so that one may grow in maturity as well as in spirituality, in order to reach a conscious level that you throw out all these robbers(vices), out from your bodies...

And according to the pure teachings of Gurmat, if ever there is any weapon to fight these mighy criminals as kam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar ....mind..... it is only the Gur Bachan, the Gur parsad of Nam alone, becuase it is a power beyond the three planes: physical, astral, causal...

So then, no mind, nor Kal himself, can stop or harm any "ruh", "jeev", or soul, because now that wadbhagee soul has given itself totally, in the Sharan of the Aad Guru, the Gurmukh .... Pray Wahiguru also sincerely to help you...

This(Gurmat) is the most secure, safe and sure method, to overcome all types of our miseries, pains and problems.

As the bani says: Sarab rog ka aukhad Nam.

Deen Dayal, bharose tere.

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Lust, as well as any other vices, are the cause of the mind being polluted and dragged towards sin and hell. Indeed is a very mighty enemy to fight.

But our Guru Sahibans, especially Sachay Patshah Satgur Arjun Dev Maharaj, in His composition Sukhamani Sahib, gives us the medicine to erradicate not only lust, but all dirt from our minds....

He says:

ਪ੍ਰਭ ਕੈ ਸਿਮਰਨਿ ਮਨ ਕੀ ਮਲੁ ਜਾਇ

Prabh ka Simran, maan kee mal jaae

By the rememberance of the Lord, through His Simran, the filth of the mind is removed.

Then He also says:

ਪ੍ਰਭ ਕੈ ਸਿਮਰਨਿ ਤ੍ਰਿਸਨਾ ਬੁਝੈ

Prabh Kai Simaran Thrisanaa Bujhai

By the remeberance of the Lord, the thirst for desires is quenched forever.

Each one of us should read the Sukhmani Sahib, with love and attention, because it has all the answers for all our doubts, queries, misunderstandings, moorakhta....and thus by applying what is said by our beloved Sachay Pathshah, we need no more to wander from door to door, asking and looking for"gyan" or information.....It is a shame, having our Wahiguru in the form of Guru Arjun Dev when on earth, who has left for us the true richest treasure in His Bani...and we are looking and expecting for copper coins from others.

Aren´t we moorakhs?

The Bani left by our Guru Sahibans, is for all of us to apply it daily in our lives, so that we benefit from it´s pure effects, and become inmaculate, to stand in the eyes of Wahiguru. Their teachings, as said before, are for any ordinary person...not for any gyanis, or sants or baabes .... no no...it is meant for our uplift from human beings, to the level of Wahiguru.

This is their parsad for all of us, and if we try it, by practicing it, we shall for sure reach His Court.

Because as He once again says:

Prabh ka Simran, dargeh maneh, means, this devotion to the Lord Wahiguru, through His Simran, is the only devotion accepted in His Court, and this vey devotion, will take you there to Him, also.

Anand bhayaa meree maee, Satgur toh me paaya....

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