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Sikhism & Suicide?


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The topic might throw some people off so let me start off by saying I DO NOT WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE. I am a very happy undergrad student looking to graduate next year :)

However, I know someone who wants to die for 'waheguru'.

A family friend of ours has a son who is 15 years old. He completed grade 9 this past June. He loves learning about Sikhism. He has no hobbies, no favourite tv shows, no music preferences, doesn't know who king kong is, no favourite movie and so on. He only listens to the very upbeat AKJ style kirtan, only reads books. He is not on any social media and does NOTHING besides the two things. He won't let his family turn on the TV or listen to music in the car. He loves to eat and will eat anything vegetarian. He argues about bibekta but grows weak in-front of Subway. He is not amrtidhari.

His family consists of his mom& dad, sister, all of who are non-amritdhari but grow out their hair. They encourage him to play outside, develop hobbies, go to the gym, do ANYTHING besides strictly learn about Sikhism. He hates that, he hates them. He does love to eat so the doctor has diagnosed him with high cholesterol but he refuses to work out or go for walks. He is only fifteen. They fear that he is absorbing too much information for his 15 year old mind. I think he is, anyway.

He wants to be amritdhari when he can wash his hair everyday and do paath at 2am everyday. His parents are more lenient Sikhs. They tell him he does not need to wash his hair everyday or wake up at 2am to do paath. They say he can tie a patiala shahi pagg and still be loved by the Guru because he ties a really big, messy dumalla. He thinks sikh girls are going to hell for wearing anything more revealing than tshirts and jeans. He has even said I'm a bad person because I have my ears pierced and my eyebrows done (I am not amritdhari).

He told my cousin that he has read and learned everything there is to know and now wants to gain mukti. He wants to commit suicide.

He has said that he hates his family and that his true father is waheguru who he wants to meet and kill himself for.

My question.. Didn't Guru choose his family for him and wouldn't taking your own life take away that right by Guru and thus go against him? I think he's mentally unstable. Any thoughts?!

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I would recommend a different sangat for him, one with less judgemental parchar. Find some Singhs that fit this description. There was a time when I was probably doing some similar things, including being influenced by parchar from cults (not necessarily knowing the sikhs were from those cults). I also became veggie during my uni studies and gained a lot of weight, probably from potato-rich foods. So I wasn't as young as 15, but maybe finding a different kind of sangat can remove the influence.

PErhaps also getting him into Raag keertan, actually taking part in the vidiya of Raag.

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Every Sikh needs to understand what Hukam is.

No Sikh should have fear of death and 'suicide' or killing thyself is what Guruji teaches us ! :blush:

SOunNds Crazy ????.............I know !!

What I meant to say was killing or suicide of Ego and Haumai. Suicide of 5 chor through continuous effort !

To Live whilst Being 'Dead' is what a Gurmukh is in my opinion.

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Yeah no Mukti does not come from committing suicide. He must first understand what it is. Mukti is freedom from the material world ie maya, and being free from the desire return to it. If you are attached to the material world (ie the way he is) while you are still alive then that nature of your Individual Soul will remain charmed by her, and when it's time to merge with the Super Soul, your Individual Soul will instead want to go back to the material world.

So suicide while maintaining attachment to the material world, does absolutely nothing. You may actually end up in a worse position once you return. But if he is serious about this, he should first kill off his desires and hopes of his mind and see to it that his purpose in the material world has been fulfilled, after that he can do as he pleases.

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