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How Do Properly Sprinkle Holy Water In Your House


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So according to the puratan maryada a garvi or kumbh is kept with jal (water) during a paat and at the bhog you are to both drink and sprinkle (chirkaa) in the home.

Does any of you know how the "chirkaa of the jal is done in the home - is there a certain way to do this. I heard once that you should go from the back towards front door of home.

Any thoughts or ideas or experiences?

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The water should be slightly cool to the touch. Dip your middle finger and ring finger in and flick. Start from where you were doing the path and cover the whole house. Give some of the water to family members on the way. Pour it in the palm of the hands, tell them to drink some and sprinkle the rest into their scalp, with respect for the water. Keep in mind that that for this to work one should pay full attention to the path while it's being done, full attention to the sprinkling and drinking. There should be strong intent behind all the actions in the ritual.

Also get as many plants in the house as you can get, plants like areca palm, sansevieria, indian money plant and tulsi. In puratan times they lived around greenery, we can try to simulate that by getting plants that increase quality level of the air in the house. And greenery in general has a very calming effect.

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