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Kalyug-the end???


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Thats not right.

Kalyug age is 4000- 4500 yrs all together. Then the cycle of satyug will come back again as said by some of the saints but there thats just an assumption.

Here are all the yugs-

Satyug = 1,7280 years ---Lord was Ram Chandar Ji

Tretayug = 1,2960 years--- N/A ( I dont know that one, probably someone can add) ( I think ramyana took place here)

Dwaparyug = 8640 years (Krishan maharaj ji and mahabarat took place)

Kalyug = 4320 years (Lord was our guroo sahiban's. Guroo Nanak Dev ji maharaj was nirankar in kalyug and spreaded prema marg and "Kalyug mein kirtan pardhana" all over the world)

I have very limited knowledge on this perhaps someone more knowledeable can enlighten us with more information.

Some references to Yugas




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