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Pakistani Girl Helps Paedophile Friend In Yet Another Grooming Case

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Yeah, even at uni, sulliyan would play their part in getting apneean into the hands of a Pak lover.

So, a few of us have known this or ages. Nothing has changed much. Or has it?

Sure, some retarded girls will always be mugs, but given all the media attention, has the message started to get through to apneean?

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The message being put out is that be careful of boys who may groom you. A lot better than sweeping it under the carpet, but unless the underlying issues of why girls fall for this in such large numbers is solved then we are just kicking the can down the street. That cocktail of boredom and unhappiness will always cause problems for these girls. They become aware of grooming and avoid muslim men whilst growing up but that wont stop them running off with a gora or kala as soon as they hit uni or the workplace. It may not be the same as grooming but it's root cause is the girl's perception of her own family life and community opposed to the opportunity that attaching her wagon to someone else's horse brings in her eyes. Just like with the girls who are groomed.

So are Sikh elders, men and the community at large willing to change? Dont bet your house on it. They will continue to guilt trip girls and feed the resentment that always bites back. And no, no amount of religous stories will fix this issue.

As for the sulleh, their tactics will evolve. We've already seen token gujis/kaleh/goreh being roped into their gangs to avoid the blame being directed at the muslim community.

Stories of muslim men going after girls just out of their teens to avoid paedophilia charges is becoming more common. In West London there was a case a year or so ago where a Sikh policewoman in her early 20s was destroying evidence and giving her paki bf, who she met through friends, information on how the criminal case was proceeding against him whilst he was lying low in southern europe. It wouldnt surprise me if the change in attitudes in Sikh grooming amongst the powers that be are attempts to stop impressionable Sikh girls and boys being used as trojan horses into more sensitive parts of the British establishment by you know who. If something like this has happened it's not like we would know about it.

Grooming will still happen to girls who live far from large Sikh communities or in Pak-infested areas. Again we would never hear about these. It's not like that many Paks have a conscience to report it, apart from the odd one or so Punjabi girl who has enough sense to come to terms with what her community is like. But these people are in such a tiny minority. The rest see this as some sort of victory. Of course some Sikh twats will stand outside their mosques during riots and be used as human shields in fights between the EDL and Islamic extremists or go tunnel crawling in Gaza. But it's not like our community has any sense of what they are doing half the time anyway.

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