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Muslim Men Rape And Murder A 10 Year Old Girl In Haryana Over An Argument With Her Father


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Two cousins were arrested here for gang-raping and killing a 10-year-old girl. They committed the crime to take revenge on the victim’s father who had slapped one of the accused a month ago, police said Wednesday.

Police arrested Imran, 19, and Shanu, 20, Tuesday for kidnapping, gang-raping and murdering the girl.

Arshad’s minor daughter was abducted from his house in Fazilpur Aug 25 night while she was sleeping with her grandmother.

On his complaint, police registered a case of kidnapping at Badshahpur police station Aug 26 against unknown people.

“The duo have accepted their involvement in the crime. They also helped recover the body from the bushes at a deserted place in Fazilpur village,” police officer Ramchander of Badshahpur police station told IANS.

“The victim was cousin of Shanu and Imran. Shanu wanted to exact revenge from the victim’s father as he had slapped him a month ago,” said police.


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Sexual violence seems to be a great equaliser for them. In Ludhiana a housewife was raped by a muslim tenant who owed her husband a lot of rent arrears. A British child was also raped by their driver from UP whilst he was driving her to school. As if things arent bad enough with the gender imbalance we decide to let the muslims have a go too.



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