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I don't like Rakhri, :( .

Cos my sisters live in india and i am in UK so they send me Rakhriyans, and SUGER :D by

post and i send the money by post and ring them. In a couple of years when i finish uni

and have a full time job, i plan to goto india every year to make up for all the Festivals

i missed.

As for Religious Significance, don't think Rakhri is Religious, its more of a Cultural

occasion. The Only Sikhi reference i can think of is Guru Nanak Dev ji and His sister

Bibi Nanaki ji. I think Guru Nanak dev ji told his Sister that he will give her Darshan

whenever she wish to see her brother.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday in Advance K4ur Bhen ji :wink:

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Its a trust you do on someone. Doesn't matter if its sister brother relationship (in my childhood me and brother used to share it :wink: ).

Trust matters... :D

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i think festivals like rakhri, diwali and holi were all celebrated on the same day as the hindu calende on purpose. If you think about it, after all the guru jis left,the sikhs would have easily bn influenced by the majority of hindus around themat time. so they would have drifted away into hindu fold. so inorder to keep the religion seperate and distinct the events occured on the same day as the hindu fesitvels

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From what i once read on a Sikh website, Sikhism doesnt believe in rakhri. Guru Gobind Singh didnt want His Sikhs to be dependent on anyone for their safety, protection and security. And so He gave us the kara made of steel instead of the rakhri thread. i once asked sikhnet whether i could tie the rakhri as my family and sister are Hindu. They replied yes thats ok coz u will be doing it as a symbol of affection and respect towards your sister. So probably in such a case it should be fine, i think so, not sure. Please let me know more about this.

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Well Well......I am 'back' lol

In my personal opinion Rakhree is not a 'sikh' festival. The festival is more traditional and dates back to the Rajput days in the recent days, though some ref. can be found in Mahabharat.

"According to the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pancha Pandyava (the five brothers belonging to the family of king Pandu), asked Sri Krishna, an incarnation of lord Vishnu, how best he could guard himself against impending evils and catastrophes in the coming year. Krishna advised him to observe the Rakshaa Ceremony. He also narrated an old incident to show how potent the Rakshaa is. It went like this.

Once, Indra, the king of heaven was confronted by the demon king - the Daitya-raaja - in a long-drawn battle. At one stage, the Daitya-raaja got better of Indra and drove him into wilderness. Indra, humbled and crest-fallen, sought the advice of Brihaspati, the Guru of Gods. The Guru told him to bide his time, prepare himself and then take on the mighty demon. He also indicated that the auspicious moment for sallying forth was the Shraavana Poornima. On that day, Shachee Devi, the wife of Indra, accompanied by Brihaspati tied Raakhi around Indra's right-wrist. Indra then advanced against the Daitya-raaja, vanquished him and reestablished his sovereignty.

This is how Raksha Bandhan came into being in the ages of old Hindu mythology and has transcended into the modern ages acquiring more of new and modified customs with itself. "

As history goes.....Mughals used to invade India and used to destory evrything in their path and molest women of other religions. The women fpr protection of their honour ued to tie the 'rakhi' to their brothers for protection (seems like begging)..and sometimes even tie the rakhi on the wrists of strangers or Mughal kings.

I think it is quite derogatory to the independence and equality of women, which our religion highlights. Women are fully capable of defending themselves and protecting their own honour.

As far as the sikh males are concerned, it is their duty to defened the honour of any and evry women, whether their sister or NOT and whether she has tied Rakhi to their wrists.

I dont think it is advisable to celebrate this festival, as the Gurus did not reccomend or commend this practice.

Sorry If i am spoiling the fun.:-)

H Singh

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You are talking as if kudiyaa ask for a fortune for tying rakhri. Why to make such a big fuss over this. I dont mind if it looks beautiful in my hand.

Its not a big deal... do if you wanaa do it or just ignore it... :?

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Sat Sri Akal:

Rakhri is a festival smbolizing a brother's pact with his sister to protect her in any and every way. It is primarily a festival that Hindus celebrate. It is quite unnecessary in Sikhism as every Sikh, man or woman, is to keep a Kirpan of their own and be able to defend themselves (not to mention that is seems a little sexist...Women are percieved as too weak to defend themselves so their brothers must protect them).

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I bet most of u don't live in India... otherwise u would have not been discussing like this.. Tell me when u read a info on web page, what factor do u consider before actually getting influance with that.. before believing that as true??

Rakhi.. one of the most beautiful festival of our nation. ofcourse its and Hindu Festival.. so?? does it mean.. its not worth?? Just think .. what is the feeling behind this. I don't understand what is point in Whether it is permited in sikhi or not??? I agreee.. sikhi consider both as same.. so does this change the relation between brother and sister in any way? does it affect the respect for each other??? c'mmon guys... If you think rakhi only means..a pact between brother and sis ... i m sorry to say.. probably u don't understand the feeling of brother-sister relationship. Rakhi is a festival.. its an occassion .. its a festival of sisters... They tie the bond of affection and love on the wrist of brothers.... its not for money, dosto... money is only symbol of "Shagun".!!

I can understand.. Since u don't live on this land.. its hard to imagine the emotional deepness..u ppl can talk in terms of money only... This land has stories in history for this great relationship.... for this festival. look at that picture posted by jassica... can't we read the emotions of these brother and sister.. show that to "Gora" dosts.. expalin them.. they would be surprise to see the love and joy we can share with our brother and sisters!!!

Its not a Hindu or sikh or muslim or etc festivall.. Its a festival of Sisters...and Sisters are there in every religion...

Thanks... bhool chook Maafi!!!



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Sardu Ji... that was BEAUTIFUL...!!!

I think however a lot of people were justjoking about the money thing.... just to 1) cover up feelings cus no felt no need to express the on here 2) well they have never really thought about it seriously.....

I was looking 4 quite a serious answer so thankyou. You must have a very close relationship with your sister and thats really sweet.... shes very lucky!

Wish u loads of KHUSHI on that special day.

Vaheguru Ji Ka khalsa... Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

PS: Never go without a day appreciating your family guys....dont ever forgot what you've got!!!


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