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hair as if it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Any doubts about that? Hair is the best thing since before sliced bread. ;)

Dastaars of puratan singhs fell off bro. Dastaars just get lose and fall off. However you can do things to minimize it. Two things count, the weight and how rooted it is. Lighter dastaars are going to fall off much less than heavier ones. But even more important is how well they are rooted onto your head. They have to be tied into your hair if you don't want them to come off.

Patka is the most light and quite rooted of all dastaars, so it is the least likely to fall off. Some of the earliest Indian warriors wore dastaars similar to modern patka. If you look at sikh athletes today they wear patka.


If you gona tie a heavy one you have to accept that it will fall off. But it's all good. You just show off your Guru's kirpa when the opportunity presents itself ... like a badass. B)

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