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Do Akhand Kirtani jatha believe in Miracles?

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Have you guys read the book "Rangley Sajjan" (The Imbued Ones) by

Bhai Randheer Singh.


Do AKJers believe in Miracles? Becasue if you read this book you would realise that this book provides instances where AKJers had the vision of Meeting the God, one of the main reasons for people being attracted in following AKJ lifestyle.

But Miracles have been strictly rejected by our Gurus. Can anybody provide some light on this issue?

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Sat Sri Akal:

Meeting the Almighty or having the vision of the Almighty is the objective of every Sikh. Itis not considered a paltry delusion or magic trick, it is the Divine Blessing of the Almighty. Each page of Guru Granth Sahib is riddled with words stating that Union with the Akal Purakh is the highest level of existence and should be persued with the utmost diligence.

I have also read the book "Rangle Sajjan". There are mentions of Siddhis that Sikhs of high spiritual levels recieved. Such Siddhis are recognized as existing in the Guru Granth Sahib. They are rejected if they become the sole reason for doing Bhagati, as they can contribute to ego (as was the case with the Siddhs that Guru Nanak Sahib debated with). However, the Almighty can and has blessed humans with them for their devotion to the Almighty.

Hopefully that answers your question.

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the guru granth sahib, akj and all other panthic organisations and gurmukhs reject miracles in the context of a cheap show to others. guru tegh bahadur died for this.

when guru nanak stopped a boulder with his hand (and this remains today) was that anti-gurmat?

guru granth sahib talks of 18 riddhean siddhean i believe, they are obtained at high spiritual levels. just because you or i havent got them yet doesnt mean they arent real. its bad to show off about it but i know people who have such naam imbued powers (but they dont show it off, obviously)

there is not a single line in gurbani which says that someone who has spiritaul powers is bad, but it says often its bad to use them. im sure in guru gobind singhs bani (chopai or savaiyas?) there is a line like "miracles descend upon their house" and theres another in the nitnem that talks about people being rewarded with such powers.

dont worry or think about them too much. i think they come to people as a "confirmation" of spiritual progress. pretty much all spiritual people perform miracles of some kind...they dont have to be "magic" neccesarily.

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if u mean physical powers then..NO, the guru's did not perform dese..but if u mean other miracles such as living..i mean that could b regarded as a miracle..u could die ne second....

the gurus did not perform miracles(guru nanak ji's hand print in da stone-dnt think it happened, the stone mite b dere wid sum kind of dent...but dusnt make it the hand of guru nanak dev ji)..i believe that they had the power to and high spirituality to, but they didnt, as they didnt need to....

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Whenever I hear stories on miracles, there is always a connection to God or some other religion. They say, "This is a miracle from God," and things like that. I really wouldn't know what to say about miracles, but I more wonder to the cause of it. Why are some people given miracles, when there are other people just like them out there who need one to. What

makes a certain person have a miracle and where did it come from?

On miracles, I have more questions than answers.

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with regards to narsingha...theres not reliable factual evidence for everything...

sumtimes i think wen ppl get too caught up in the facts written by scholars they lose summin more imprtant...faith.

that nt sayin u dnt hav faith...im talkin generally...

but ive read sources that say it was goats...ive read sources that say it was actually bringing them bak...

im nt a researcher and definately not any sort of authority but in my heart i dont think guru ji would slaughter goats just to trick a crowd...

i dunno wat u believe with regards to it but i hope ud like to share it along with sources that you have

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This is what Quoran has to say about Miracles :

Whenever a man claims that he has a link with the Creator of the Universe Who possesses Infinite Knowledge and Absolute Power, he should perform such deeds and say such things as others cannot do. To prove the truth of his claim he should cause such events to happen as are beyond human power, and this will show that he has his link with the other world. Such deeds are called miracles.

A Question: How do the miracles of the Prophets differ from the skill and feats of the inventors, magicians, devout worshippers, wrestlers, and why are these people not recognized as Prophets?

Answer: The answer to this question is that the feats of these people are the result of their constant practice and exercise of a long period of time just as in the beginning an athlete lifts a small weight that an ordinary man can do but gradually by virtue of regular practice and exercise he is able to lift a heavy weight of a dumbbell which can only be lifted by several men combined. But in the case of Prophet Saleh when the people asked him to perform a miracle by bringing a she-camel of a particular characteristics out of a mountain, he did not tell them to wait until he could practice performing that sort of deed because such extraordinary supernatural feats cannot be done even after lifelong efforts and practice

What do you think about this view ??

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