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AKJ Claims of sikhawareness lost/latest victim of nihangs!!!


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This is what AKJ claims on their board and this is what Akali Sirtor Singh Khalsa (Disguise in AKJ) and narinder = jagjit singh from leeds wrote in another akj thread/akj sites, But I deleted his message. So we had a little moderator's chit-chat.

All the akj's sites already think about of sikhawareness.com as anti-AKJ site here is his message I m goin to post. This thread will show us the real sad state of the panth. So Please keep the orginal thread clean. In this thread you can slander all you want. So both parties let the heat out. Just let it out. Let the sangat see how pathetic this slandering game goes.

THE BIG QUESTION- What is really going on?!!! Tarna dal is Getting Ready!

You may have read recent messages on sikhawareness, sikhsangat, etc.

In UK, there is some educated youth who seem to spend all day on computers with nothing else to do then manipulate things about AKJ. They have nihang thinking. Speaking to Nidaar, he is paranoid of jatha. He believes AKJ is greatest threat to Snaatan Sikhi. He believes Taksal are weak, and no threat, and he hates SGPC. The reason he is paranoid of AKJ is Bhai sahib Randhir Singh Jis book "Chaatka Maas Prathae Gurmat Tat Nirnae". He says this book has done most to stop sikhs eating meat and following Snaatan Sikhi. Well Done Bhai Sahib !!!!!!!! This is why all Nidar sites are very anti-akj, anti-Bhai Randhir Singh. They will try and find anything to put down AKJ. If all the new youth do not respect Bhai sahib and AKJ, then this book will have no impact. So Jnr nihangs have over last 2 years been going on every egroup slating AKJ. After most people in UK figured out who they were, and what they are about. They are a laughing stock! Their messages do not approved. Now they have hit the messageboards. I just think sikhawareness is the latest victim. Soon they will figure it out aswell. Best think AKJ can do is translate Bhai sahibs book and distribute everywhere. Best thing Taksal can do is sort their lives out, and stop helping Nidar and Co. Best thing everyone else can do is stop tolerating their <admin-cut>!

Who are they :

The Usual Suspects

Jagdeep Singh Hounslow - Jagdeep singh is main culprit on emails. He uses names like Nihang Teja Singh, Narsingha, etc. He is PHD educated and very manipulative. He is the one who has made all the websites, and writes most emails. When approached about websites, he denied it was him. Nidar has confirmed it is him. On email Nihang Teja singh denies he is Jagdeep and says he has taken amrit and his name is Teja singh. Has he taken amrit again and is now Narsingha? Always in his mails, he speaks about searching for truth. If he is looking for truth, why when asked face to face does he deny everything. What kind of nihang hides? Why only speak on emails, not face to face, when we see him streets. This is just manipulation. He has been asking the same questions for over 2 years answered by many different people. It is not answers, but attention he seeks. He just wants attention to his websites, and he always brings them up in his mails. His main aim is to promote his warped view of sikhi via internet, at the same time, putting down number one enemy, which they state is akj.

The internet is good tool for them as it amplifies their voice. In UK, they are laughing stock. All youth know who they are. Only a handful. Even Boss, now openly disowns them. They have nothing apart from 3 Gathka classes. Their latest one in Slough lasted one day, before Ramgarhia Gurdwara committee saw their website, and threw them out. Now they train in the park. If they are so truthful, then why are so many people coming to keertan programmes by AKJ, and regular amrit sanchaars, not only in Uk, but Europe and Worldwide. They just about run their 3 classes in Midlands, Slough one in park, no keertan, No amritsanchaars, no seva, no sharing bani, nothing apart from talk on internet.

Nidar Singh: He is head of this thing. His thinking was explained above. Talks about Chatkaa gathka, but has been seen buying chickens from Sainburys supermarket!!

The youth they manipulate over internet and classes start hating AKJ. Taksal first liked this, but when the new youth slagged Taksal off aswell, the Taksal went anti-nihang. After Gathka and hatred, they have nothing else to offer. Nidar nor Jagdeep do keertan or saanthiya, but slate everyone who does. A lot of youth do Cannabis. I have now heard of one youth who does heroin. I know his family, he started with cannabis and went on to heroin now. He was an Amritdhari youth, who they destroyed. A lot of other youth have drifted away from sikhi. They hate AKJ, Taksal, and after Nihangism, they have no sangat to inspire them.

Youth in North America need to be careful. All Uk now know who they are, and now give them no platforms. But they are now using messageboards from abroad. I hope sikhawareness soon figures them out, and everyone else beware. Nidar said he maybe coming to New York soon.

They use a quote from Dasam Bani :

What is false I will call false.

Even though the people may try to silence me.

I do not care for what anybody says.

I will speak but the truth from my mouth.

(Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh, Treh Charittar No.266, Dasam Guru Durbar)

Very clever, reverse pschology, aginst those who bring awareness of them. They use Gurbani, and Nihang culture to bring in Snaatan Sikhi or Hinduism. Gathka is just the attraction, the philosophy is so dangerous. Too many people give them time because of Ancient Nihang sacrifices, not knowing about this is new age nihangism. They are using Sikhi Bani & Sikhi Bani to manipulate Sikhi.

Please forward to all messageboards they are on. Let them deny it is true. Jagdeep will just complain about AKJ paranioa, or manipulate something else. I am not AKJ, Taksal. But I respect both. I have no time for those who destroy Sikh Youth with drugs, and Jagdeep is doing that.

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Guest BikramjitSingh

"...but has been seen buying chickens from Sainburys supermarket!! "

..please keep Sainsbury's out of this

The End.

Narsingha aka Nihang aka Teja Singh aka Jagdeep Singh

You must be suffering for multiple personality disorder.

Some pretty serious charges... Do we have to wait for another website before you answer these charges ?



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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I got to agree with some off the points the AKJ Singh’s and other Singh’s r saying, the UK nihangs their leader Niddar have caused a lot of mis trust between the youth in the uk, everyone was really getting on with sewa and camps but a few ppl wanted an image being cocky !!!!! this is not Sikhi being humble and putting in time and effort to bring ppl into sikhi was the main goal of all the Singh’s no matter what jatha they belonged to. There are stories out there where ppl have gone away from sikhi and started doing drugs etc. which is sad.

I feel they are using the forum in a clever way but as always they get found out, but the damage has been done. We started of with niddar, thinking yea we can learn self defence and learn about sikhi, but all we got was few moves and loads of dodgy stuff being told to us he spend hours talking he wouldnot let ppl answer back, but lucky we had a few older Gursikhs with us who challenged him about his accounts of history, he started to bad mouth Sant Ji calling him a coward etc, he made that mistake and singhs left him. When he brings out his ‘master piece’ the book and his website u will see him in his true lite if u have not yet. The book will turn present history upside and will be a mouth piece of the Indian government version off events for the past 25 years, he has already acted by calling Bhai Sahib Fauja Singh ji a fanatics etc, am sure he will do the same to the real Saint Soldiers who fought with the might of the Indian army, but Sangat ji he will truly feel the heat from the sangat once he has taken that step, we await.

Let him bring out nihang.com we have enough facts and footage to show them that the true Nihangs are the ones in the Battle field right now.

So please moderators dnt give them the chance to ripe out the heart of the Sikhs by playing the drama that they are SEEKING TRUTH. I’ve got respects for the True Nihangs who stood by the Quam in these heavy days, ive n t got time for the fake ones who dress up and think they are it but have nothing inside them.

Am not into debating just my 2 pence worth

Dnt get dishearten Sangat ji the quam with come through this period as we always have

Stay in Chardi Kala


Sukdev Singh Jhamka

They now who he is :D

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Vaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsa!

Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!


That article was NOT written by AKJ. It is by Tarna Dal Singhs (not california, unfortunately).

Akali Nihung Jathedar Sant Baba Sucha Singh Khalsa, Tarna Dal California is tired of you NANGS slandering the true gursikh nihung name. You put a shame on all true akali nihungs and on sikhi itself.

Jathedar Sahib said Niddar admin cut can practice his jhatka gatka on goats all he wants but when raam janga is put to his head, he will run crying to his mother. See what happens when toufung is put to his chest, he will fall down crying asking for forgiveness.

Akali Nihung Sirtor Singh Khalsa

Sevadar, Jathedar Akali Nihung Sant Baba Sucha Singh Khalsa

Tarna Dal California

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waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Yes, it is true. On wednesday, I got vexed with these nihangs, especially with the stunts they pulled on this messageboard. They put down AKJ, fine, do not go to their programmes. But when they go protraying Sikhi and Gurus with canaabis, meat, and especially sahstervidya website. It is hard not to get vexed. I know most youth in Uk have got vexed with them one time or another. Wednesday was my day.

Yesterday Hukamnama from darbaar sahib was:


I meditate on the source of bliss, the Sublime Primal Being; night and day, I am in ecstasy and bliss. The Righteous Judge of Dharma has no power over me; I have cast off all subservience to the Messenger of Death. || 1 || Meditate, O mind, on the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe. By great good fortune, I have found the Guru, the True Guru; I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of supreme bliss. || 1 || Pause || The foolish faithless cynics are held captive by Maya; in Maya, they continue wandering, wandering around. Burnt by desire, and bound by the karma of their past actions, they go round and round, like the ox at the mill press. || 2 || The Gurmukhs, who focus on serving the Guru, are saved; by great good fortune, they perform service. Those who meditate on the Lord obtain the fruits of their rewards, and the bonds of Maya are all broken. || 3 || He Himself is the Lord and Master, and He Himself is the servant. The Lord of the Universe Himself is all by Himself. O servant Nanak, He Himself is All-pervading; as He keeps us, we remain. || 4 || 6 ||

So yesterday I walked away and did not post anything, and basically left them to Guru. I have too many of my own failings too worry about them.

As far as using other names. Everyone of these forums does. I honestly do not believe that all of you got these names you use from your parents or the Panj pyares. I just am no expert at this hidden stuff, and to be frank, I glad. This is just too much wasted mental energy. Back to normal life.

I have no regrets about anything I have said about Nihangs and stand by everything, anyone who can protray Guru Ji in such a manner. What can i say? Then also talk about Shaheeds of the Panth. Still I try hard not to get vexed. I have bear no ill will to the moderators, and wish the Guru Maharajs blessings for this forum. I just have one more message on a nother thread, then will probably never visit any again.

Apologies for any offence caused.

waheguru ji ke khalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

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it's kinda like.. Superman versus Godzilla Desikuddi..

much anger.....much displeasure...and a never ending battle that no one will win unless they learn the basic principle of coexistence and acceptance

(that goes on both parts...akj should learn that anything is a possibility as far fetched as it seems, and as long as the message of sikhi is reaching people, shoulnd't they be happy? and "nihangs", should learn that akj and others are actually spreading a really good message and should accept that instead of killing them cyber-ly for it)

hope that helpe desikuddi02!


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