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When I was asked to do a shabad jaap the vidi was to put a glass of water near by, say the jaap loud enough so that the sound reaches the water. After finishing the jaap drink the shabad amrit.

If doing jaap out aloud put your dhyan just in front of your mouth where you can hear the sound. Make the mind sit in that spot and listen to what comes out. You will notice when your doing it with 100% focus or when your just japping with the mouth but the mind has gone off in flights of thought. Bring it back to this spot and make it sit and listen.

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Ok then.

I would say do not search for motivation. Try to cultivate a sense of discipline instead.

Motivation is a external stimuli, it will only hype you up for a short while before you revert back to your old habits.

ie you speak to some baba, or read some story of some Sikh who did bandgi, or listen to some tony Robbins speeches. These will motivate you for a few days but them you will get tired and give up. That motivation will fast dissipate when you come home after a hard day at work and need to do your bhajan but are too dog tired. Or if your wifey wants you to go shopping with her or if you come down with the sniffles!

What you need for this matter or anything else in life is to develop a sense of soldierly, hardcore discipline. No matter how tired you are, how much workload you have waiting, how much the wife yells at you to do some chores; you will prioritise and do your bandgi first.

Discipline is an internal state of mind, way of thought, a personal trait/character.

There are some books or audio by Brian Tracy on developing personal discipline. Try searching the net for it. I did have a PDF copy but lost a lot of works when my computer broke down. :(

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I think it was yogi bhajan who said it takes 40 days to create or break a habit. After that it becomes second nature.

So make a plan to do your path for 40 days straight. Use cast iron discipline to make yourself complete that . Then hope fully after that time it would become ingrained into your nature to do it daily and won't seem much of an effort.

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true words suryadev!

definitely, discipline is much needed. just came from work, had a shitty day at work , got yelled at by a senior even without my fault, eyes are tired but still gotta follow the discipline.

I pray to Guru ji for strength.

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Good now that the motivation a gone you know what you REALLY feel inside. Leave the motivation behind and build that disciplined mindset from now on.

I personally wouldn't worry if you miss a day or two. Just pick it back up as soon as possible. Just don't make it a regular habit or get too lazy.

You may want to consider building in a rest day in your week where you DONT do this particular nitnem. Just so you can rest your mind. Similar to when doing physical excercise. Else you may burn yourself out and start missing too many days.

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