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I Need Advice On How To Proceed

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Hello all,

My name is Courtney and for part of my work, I do security and safety assessments for non-profit organizations. NORMALLY, I work with organizations of Orthodox Jewish alignment but was recently contacted by a Sindhi GurMandir to perform an assessment. As best I understand, this means that they observe both Sikh and Hindu practices on site. I'm incredibly excited to perform this assessment and for the new experience and amazing things I'll be able to learn, but I'm also a little concerned. You see, in the Orthodox Jewish faith there are certain restrictions that I must observe while performing my assessments so as to not offend their religious sensibilities, particularly related to dress (I must wear button-up, high collar shirts; ankle-length skirts and flat shoes, for example) and behavior (since I'm a female I'm not allowed in certain places and I cannot shake hands with any men). Since I have so much experience with these organizations it's second nature to me.

Unfortunately, this will be my first real exposure to Hinduism and Sikhism beyond studying the art, and I don't even know where to begin looking for any rules like this. I am hoping that the members of this board will be able to provide me some guidance, particularly since I know most faiths are not nearly as strict as Orthodox Judaism. I don't want to mess up this opportunity, since I feel like it will be a great benefit for my organization as well as the Sikh community in my area if this goes well.

So, board members, is there anything I need to know so as to not offend the organization I will be working for?

I apologize, too, for my ignorance. I'm sure this question seems completely stupid...

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