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Symbolic Significance Of Lord Vishnu

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Kya baat hai!

She has a lot of deep knowledge of Vaishav philosophy.

Sat in my meditations I have had different insights into Hari's symbols. These were slightly different than hers but related. I might share them soon.

In the second video, she gave a small lesson in masculinity, by giving the example of Hari. I am doubly impressed!

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3 hours ago, paapiman said:


Watch this video.

Bhagat Nam Dev ji says -
ਸੰਖ ਚਕ੍ਰ ਮਾਲਾ ਤਿਲਕੁ ਬਿਰਾਜਿਤ ਦੇਖਿ ਪ੍ਰਤਾਪੁ ਜਮੁ ਡਰਿਓ ॥
Vishnu ji is adorned with the Shankh/conch shell, Chakra/disk, Mala/garland and Tilak/sacred marks on the forehead.
And seeing this vision of Vishnu ji, the messenger of deaths are scared, which means -
ਨਿਰਭਉ ਭਏ ਰਾਮ ਬਲ ਗਰਜਿਤ ਜਨਮ ਮਰਨ ਸੰਤਾਪ ਹਿਰਿਓ ॥੨॥
Those are imbued with the power of Ram Chandra ji become fearless, and the suffering through births and deaths is removed.

What do those symbols mean?
The lady will explain that.

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