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World Wide Sangat Is Requested To Sign And Share This Petition(1984 - To Obama)


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Vaheguroo ji ka Khalsa Vaheguroo ji ki Fateh ji,

Guru Piyari Sangat ji a humble request in your lotus feet world wide, please take a moment to sign the blew petition. Please Read and sign.

It's a voice to United states of America to think and respond and withdraw the invitation to PM MODI, BJP- who demanded military attack in 1984.We should support such an event, regardless of what our individual opinions are. It is important to remember, whenever Guru Roop Sanagt initiates any event, anywhere, As a Sikh- we are meant to support it in anyway!

Also, help us spread it out so that it can achieve required signatures in time.

Post and share on Facebook and other social media, post on other Sikh discussion forms, email your friends, and any other possible means to help spread it out.

[wh.gov] || Stop Obama From Hosting Modi At White House ||

100,000 Signatures Needed By August 20.


Bhawan Singh


While Obama administration and PM office is preparing to forge a new era of Indo-US economic ties, Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) has initiated a social media campaign in support of its petition to cancel Modi's invitation to the White House. US President Obama has invited PM Modi for a meeting at the White House on September 30.

A Facebook advertisement "Sign Petition Stop Obama from hosting Modi {Netanyahu of India}. Don't fund another Israel" sponsored by SFJ has gone viral getting scores of hits every hour.

On July 21, SFJ initiated an online petition to the Obama Administration urging to cancel the invitation to PM Modi for his role in 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. “In June 1984, the BJP instigated the military attack on the Golden Temple, resulting in the massacre of thousands of Sikh pilgrims. In 2008, the BJP orchestrated violence against Christians in Orissa,” the petition alleges.

The Facebook ad by rights group targeting Muslims, Sikhs and human rights organizations in the United States urges them to "Sign Petition, Stop Obama".

“The fact that world's largest democracy has elected a Prime Minister whose party is known for committing crimes against religious minorities should be a matter of grave concern for the western world”, stated attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun legal advisor to SFJ, “United States which has acknowledged the role of Modi in massacre of Muslims should not host him at the White House”, added Pannun.

Terming Modi as Netanyahu of India, attorney Pannun further stated that online petition will be an eye opener for Obama Administration which is ignoring the track record of Modi and his party BJP with regard to treatment of minorities for vested US economic interests.

"Instead of hosting Modi at White House, President Obama should condemn Modi and ban BJP for perpetrating violence against Muslims, Sikhs and Christirans" says the White House Petition.

So far the online petition urging Obama administration to cancel Modi's invitation has received more than 1200 signatures. The petition requires 100,000 signatures by August 20 to qualify for a response by the White House.

Newspapers Coverage:




















Empire State Building

350 Fifth Avenue 59th Floor

New York, NY 10118

T: 201.601.2707

F: 201.601.2610

E: support@sikhsforjustice.org

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Bloody bunch of hypocrites opposing Modi (who has been cleared by every investigating agency and even Supreme Court) but glorify terrorists and mass killers in Gurudwaras. SFJ once again treading on a dangerous path dividing indian community for their paki agendas.

Vaheguroo jio thanks!!

I am very happy to see such reply.

Apparently, from above statement and words, all my Sikh veers and bhena and everyone else who cares about Shaheeds and other innocent people killed in massacres, can see how anti-Sikhs burns in pain when such petition or event took place.

Singh veero, see How they can't bear Panth taking any of such actions!!!

It is clear example for us and we need to learn how much important is to be aware of such RSS supporters!


With that!

I think I can expect everyone signing, sharing and getting more signatures done from others you know!


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RSS supporter! Haha! well, for me RSS and Dal khalsa or SGPC/Akali/Taksalis are one and the same thing. "Sikh Veers and bhena" have been signing petitions of different kind of petitions called general elections. ask Khalistani politicians in punjab why they have failed so miserably to get more than 1-2 percent votes. People like you have made industry out of the victimhood. pehle eho jehe lashan te rotian sekkan valiyan nu pamphleteers kehnde si hun onna nu petition coordinator kehnde aa. pehle vi lokkan do misery ton faida chukya janda si te hun vi.

Lakh lannat!

Faida chukya janda??

I think your living in 50s. Everyone Today is much more educated and aware of who they are supporting. You don't need to worry!

It is big group Amritdhari supporters with firm belief in Gurmat, supporting petitions and campaigns on international level.

It is whole big stage and idea than you think.


I think your talking about elections in Punjab, where there are more of Non-sikhs residing. We do not expect any success in elections where the voters are sharabi and drugers.

You said Khalistani** is a big word and keeps weight. Khalistanies do not need to fight elections to rule!

this is not the time yet for Khalistan.

when the time comes, there will be no such elections. It will be an order of Khalsa Fouj adressing humanity to weather change their negative attitude towards innocents or their game is over!

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