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Preparing For Amrit... Dastar Question.

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As I have been tying dastar all the time now and have been for awhile I am not sure how to go about logistics with something... for taking Amrit, I know the guys usually just part the top of their turban which is easy using the usual turban style like patiala style, where the top is literally only the first larh spread out and tucked in. I usually tie gol dastar, and so each layer that goes all the way over the top is so tucked in and there is so much bulk on top it would be impossible to part it to expose my kesh. For Amrit Sanchar should I just wear a chunni? I am not sure what the women do in this situation (or men who tie gol dastar or dumalla normally)... I don't really know how to tie a simple keski that can be parted as all the styles I know go over the top in the way a dumalla does making it impossible to pull out on top to expose the kesh. I will feel kind of 'naked' though with just a chunni... so not sure what to do. And it's coming up soon... so I need to figure out soon! :)

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Chunni is good but I understand the naked feeling. Try tying 1 small dastar so that it's possible to modify it so that it only has one thin larh covering the hair.

Thanks for the reply BhagatSingh Ji. I pretty much only learned one way to start tying,... by draping back to front and wrapping my hair like a pony tail in the material and then coil it on top... that way the material is anchored, and the keep wrapping around till it fills out and then turns over top. (I guess its how a lot of people start dumalla, but I do it that way for gol dastar too) So by then there is already a ton of material over top of my head. Any time I try to start without anchoring it like that, it slips off my head. I will have to ask someone for help that day to just tie a small keski I guess. I'll figure it out :)

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Definitely learn to tie a keski. And do try out other styles of turbans. I find it helps to know what kind of styles and ways of tying exist out there and then you can modify the turban to your own circumstance.

E.g. I used to tie patiala shahi dastar but because all the larh overlapped over this one area of my forehead, I used to experience lots of pain and stress. Eventually that area became bald and I had to learn a different style of tying. I eventually learned to tie the dumalla from singhs in a local gurudwara. And the hair started growing back.

So once I started tying the dumalla. I noticed that it tended to slide back whenever I ran to catch buses and trains. And even just by walking, the turban would slowly slide backwards. I had to modify it again to be lighter and lay more flat on my head so as to not move around when I am running.

But this again wasn't good enough when I played sports because I had to sometimes hold my turban and keep it from falling. So I had to make it super light and keep it to one small turban that I would wrap around my joora. That held is sturdy.

And if I was in your situation. I would go back to the patiala shahi style and wear that so that I could part that single larh on the top of my head during the amrit sanchaar. Also for other special occasions I find patiala shahi looks the most stylish.

A turban for every situation.

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