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Rosdeep Adekoya: 11 Years For Killing Son

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On 8/25/2014 at 4:14 PM, dalsingh101 said:

"McConnachie described Adekoya's difficulties in adjusting to motherhood, the break-up of her marriage and the fact that her subsequent relationship with the father of Mikaeel and his twin sister was disapproved of by her family."

I think 'apniyan' should think very hard about marrying out. Sure, the man might be nice when the relationship starts. But, this is something I have seen a lot from the stories of  mixed race media figures and in my own work, men of certain cultures have a low threshold for running away and leaving single mums 

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Was released last year

Has a Nigerian surname, but the child has Panjabi surname and looked Indian or mixed



Campaigner fuming after Edinburgh mum Rosdeep Adekoya who killed her own tot released from jail early

  • Kevin Duguid
  • 19:28, 1 May 2021
  • Updated: 19:29, 1 May 2021

A CAMPAIGNER who called for Mikaeel Kular’s killer mum to face a murder charge told of her fury at the fiend’s early jail release.

Angry Julie MacLeod, 47, branded the justice system “horrendous” after Rosdeep Adekoya was freed just seven years into an 11-year sentence for slaying her three-year-old lad.

Ex-neighbour Julie started a petition signed by 5,000 people protesting against prosecutors’ failure to pursue a murder rap against Adekoya after a court accepted her guilty plea to the lesser charge of culpable homicide.

Julie said: "I just don’t get that someone who is as bad as that has been able to get out.

“We were in court to see her sentenced. She walked in there with straightened hair and make-up on.

We told how Adekoya, 41, was freed from Cornton Vale prison late last month.

The party-mad mum of five, who frequently left her kids alone to go clubbing and take cocaine, battered Mikaeel to death in January 2014 after he fell ill at their home in Drylaw, Edinburgh.


She wrapped his body in a duvet, stuffed it in a suitcase and dumped it near her sister’s home in Kirkcaldy then reported him missing.

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