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A Sikh who has taken part in the Amrit ceremonial or initiation into the Khalsa.

AMRITDHARI consists of two words - "AMRIT" which literally means "nectar"; however commonly it refers to a Sikh who has been initiated or baptised as a Khalsa by taking "amrit" or "nectar water" . "Dhari" mean "practitioner" or "endowed with" (lit. having taken). So an Amritdhari is one who has received baptismal vows of the Khalsa initiated by Guru Gobind Singh (on 30 March 1699) an...d he or she abides by these vows and follows the "panj kakari rahit" (rules of the wearing the Five ks), the distinctive insignia introduced by the Guru on that day comprising five symbols each beginning with the Gurmukhi letter "ਕ" (pronounced "kakka") or its Roman equivalent "k". These are kesh (long unshorn hair and in case of men, uncut beard), kangha (a comb to keep the hair tidy), kirpan (a sword), kara ( a steel bracelet worn about the wrist), and kaccha (a short undergarment).
I looking at this and thinking "being Amritdahi" does not give you a free pass to judge someone(something I am working on).
Nor look down on someone because they are not "Amritdhari", All you have done is entered The Gurus School Of learning!
But you have a choice on what you do and if you do it what would Your Guru think, would He be happy or sad?
I feel someone like me who is wearing the "5 KS" should not being going to Party's where Meat and Alcohol is in free flow, because at end of the day what will I say to my Guru! but this is my choice, it might not be a popular choice, but this is very small sacrifice for my Guru.

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