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Brother believe me , miracles can happen however ...there also exists the theory of Karma ..if it was that easier why would anyone go and sweat out their asses to earn their bread ? Sitting and home and doing Jaap of Mool Mantar is far more easier than working in an office or handling a business.

If any of us tells you this happens ..it would sound good to you ..however ..be it Sikhism or be it any religion can anyone give you that assurance that you can go against your achieving limits and go to whatever stage possible ????

Can praying in the Church Mosque or Temple make you a emperor ?? If that was possible why did Guru Gobindsingh ji raise an army of meek and ask them to fight tyranny ? Why did any Prophet , of any faith face situations and even lose their life ?

Why was Christ crucified ? Why was Imam Ali martyred ? Why was Krishna shot at mistakenly by a hunter ? Why were our Gurus martyred ??

Dharma is not a short cut to success ..there is no short cut to success in fact. You have to strive hard to achieve...

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Maalko this formula was given by none other than Dhan Dhan Guru Nanakdev ji Pehli Paatsaahi

1. Naam Japo: Constant rememberance of God (meditation) because as a body is dead without life and so life itself is dead without Naam (Name of God). The whole base is Naam.

2. Kirat Karo: Earn your livelihood by honest means.

3. Vand Chhako: In His Name share the fruits of your labor as an expression of love and compassion for mankind.

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Do Ardas before you start any important task...and do it with your whole heart ...accept the fruits of your labour as His will...and make a better attempt the next time ...there is no shortcut...tomorrow if someone tells you to do Sawa Lakh jap...what will you do ? leave everything and go counting ..you will be more bothered about the count than the Naam. ..Baba ji bhagti vyaapar naahi hai ji ...

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